8th Mar, 2018
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Women's day in United States (USA)

Women’s day Holiday in United States

Women’s Day has been found back in 1909. Now this day has been being observed on 8th March from last 100 years. The Women’s day was initially observed to fight against the unjust condition of women in the garment industry which was the consequence of tragic fire of warehouse. This day in United States is devoted to honouring the achievement of women across the globe. Women’s Day is different from other days like mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day in a way that, on this day we celebrate women in all forms. We should consider it an honour to celebrate women in our lives, be it in any form: grandmas, co-workers, moms, daughters, teachers or bosses. All of us have a woman in our lives who has time and again given boost to our way of life. And so, you are lucky enough to have got the chance to celebrate women’s achievement.

Celebrating Women’s Day in USA

Over last many years Women’s day has been celebrated around the world with utmost fervour and zest although in many parts of USA it is yet to find significance. It is observed as a holiday though to give boost to the fight for atrocities against women and to spread among masses awareness for eradicating the gender gap. Today in most parts of the world including United States, women’s Day is celebrated by performing several activities by school children and companies, by giving tribute to women with flowers. Beata Pozniac, who has founded women’s day USA, has been working in the political domain from last few years to teach the significance of this day to the people of the country.

The month of March is affirmed as a Women’s History month in United States. Besides that, there are many events organized all across the country during women’s day celebration. From last few years the Secretary of state and the first lady are holding official events on this day, honouring many women who have shown courage in various fields. Also many informal and formal events take place to show its significance.

Some Ways in Which Women’s Day is Celebrated in USA
  • People buy bunch of some favourite flowers of the lady in their life and offer one flower to each of the lady they come in contact with on 8th March.
  • They give the women in their life attractive cards telling them their inner feelings and respect for whatever they have done in their life.

Women’s Day is a day when people around the world come together to commemorate the struggles of women and their achievements.