8th Mar, 2018
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Women's day in United Kingdom (UK)

Women’s day Holiday in United Kingdom The Enthusiasm of Women’s day Celebration in United Kingdom!

Every year International women’s day is marked by various events around the world which celebrates the achievements of women in cultural, social and economic fields. The day is meant to put emphasis on a number of pressing issues lying in the society and deteriorating the growth of women. Even after these long years of struggle that these women went through, the world is still facing the issues like pay inequality and various barriers in the right to vote. Since its inception International women’s day has been being observed an almost every corner of the world like a mega event.

United Kingdom, just like many other countries also find pleasure in celebrating this day in the similar manner. Various events like comedy nights, workshops and talks, are organized around the country. There are various events organized in the country which support the fight silently against the atrocities being faced by women. Here are some of them which work to improve the deteriorating condition of women in United Kingdom:

Women of the world

A global network of festivals, Southbank Centre’s WOW festival, is one such platform that works in the direction of eradicating the long existing gender inequality and it aim to celebrate the achievement of women and the vivifying their zeal to fight the odds in their path. Celebrating the centenary of International women’s day, it was launched in 2011.

Stemettes Rise Hack

This event aims at helping young girls and women in exploring through the technical world. Its goal is to bring more and more girls into STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, and Maths) and take up career in these areas.

Wonder Women

Various types of events are organized under wonder women, including film, art and discussions. The events specifically aim at showcasing the courage of women to cross the hurdles they have been facing from ages. The world has only been able to shoe faith in her abilities when she dared to step out of the cave she had been living in without a trace of life.

Apart from these districts events, women of United Kingdom show solidarity while celebrating International women’s Day in the various cities of the countries including Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham and various others. A variety of music, poetry, cultural activities and other presentations are organized. People celebrate the great admirations of their gallant sisters and mothers and all other women in their lives.

The celebration of women’s day in the country begins with a moment of silence paying tribute to all those courageous women till now who have sacrifices their lives for the freedom of the women community. People congratulate women for their hard work and encourage them for the work they aim to do for the good of the society. The celebration of women’s day in United Kingdom aims at building a nation which is free from all the taboos of the society which has acted as a hurdle in the path women’s endeavours to succeed.

The People of United Kingdom pledge on this day to work together to eradicate this unwanted part of the society so as to experience an inclusive growth.