8th Mar, 2018
Women’s Day » Women’s Day in Guinea Eritrea

Women’s Day in Guinea Eritrea

Women’s day Holiday in Guinea Eritrea

Eritrea, a country with population about 6 million lies in the African Horn region, having diverse communities that celebrate different festivals, depict the rich country culture. With nine recognized ethnic groups in the country, various religious traditions are followed and celebrated through out the year. Eritrea is one of the 27 countries of the world that marks International Women’s Day as an official holiday.

March 8, recognized as International Women’s day worldwide, is celebrated in Eritrea as a symbol of economic and social achievements of women. Despite the women of Eritrea continuously facing displacement and human right issues, government of Eritrea continues to acknowledge the day.

Women in Eritrea are forced to serve in military services and keep facing problems of harassment, discrimination, and sexual abuse. Women in Eritrea have not only faced conflicts and war but they became sole caretaker and wage earner for their family. Hence, women of Eritrea have played an important role in the development of nation. International Women’s Day is a special day for all women of Eritrea as it is celebrated in a very colourful manner over there. Many Women’s Association of Eritrea prepare for different festive events for this day.

Despite so many hardships, commitment and strength of Eritrean women towards their life and country is commendable. International Women’s Day is a salute to such hard working women that show such resilience in driving the development of society and country in spite of all the odds.