8th Mar, 2018
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Women’s Day in Mongolia

Women’s day Holiday in Mongolia

International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the economic, political, cultural, and social achievements of women and acknowledging their importance in the life of a nation. In Mongolia International Woman’s Day is an official public holiday observed on 8 March like most countries. Mongolians celebrate this day with theirfamilies. Women enjoy the holiday and often arrange parties and celebrations among themselves. Men thank women in their lives especially their mother and wives with flowers and words of encouragement. In many families men cook the meals on that day for their families thus giving their women a day’s respite. TV channels feature especial programs and shows focussing on women’s day.

Although it is a homely affair mostly yetrestaurants offer special menus on that day, bakeries and confectioneries have special cakes, pastries and chocolates prepared particularly for this day. Flowers are sold on the streets and also on the boot of cars. Most institutions and offices remain closed.Some small street celebrations are held where families go for dancing and clicking pictures, and many women choose to wear the traditional Mongolian deels.

Mongolia is doing quite well on many spheresof which few concerning quality of life. However it is not doing well in subjects related to gender issues. Domestic violence is still a persistent problem here, and women are under-represented in Government and leadership positions. Few NGOs are of the opinion that Women’s Day is all about sales promotions and having babies. The real pressing issues are yet to be dealt and triumphed over.