8th Mar, 2018
Women’s Day » Women’s Day in Kyrgyzstan

Women’s Day in Kyrgyzstan

Women’s day Holiday in Kyrgyzstan

International Women’s Day symbolizes the struggle of women to get recognized and make their own standing in the society. United Nations recognizes it and many other countries including Kyrgzstan have designated March 8, International Women’s Day as holiday.It is no more part of political agenda of any party to promote women to increase their vote bank. Rather society has recognized the role of women and in Kyrgzstan they respect women and greet them with flowers and gifts on International Women’s Day.

In Kyrgyzstan, various fundraiser events and festivals are organized every year to increase the awareness for rights of women. Such events try to picture the women who are working really hard to bring gender equality. From the past few years, Kyrgyz women are invited to a party, ‘MehrShavkat’, organized from the public fund. This party invites women who have been involved in the improvement of life of local communities. This party not only serves as a breather for these hard working women but rewards these women with gifts and good food.

Kyrgzstan shows its love for women in many ways. On March 8, it is mandatory for men to greet women and congratulate them, be it strangers, shop assistants, or any one in street, with small gift or flowers. On this holiday, people have to use the phrase “S’Praszdnikom Vas” before any conversation with women. On dinner table, toast is raised in the name of ladies along with a speech of praise in the honour of the women, their beauty and hard work.