8th Mar, 2018
Women’s Day » UN Day for Women’s Rights

UN Day for Women’s Rights

UN Day for Women's Rights

International Women’s day is celebrated on March 8 every year by many countries across the globe. It is regarded as the day when achievements of women are acknowledged irrespective of ethnic, divisions, economic, cultural, political or ethnic. This day emerged as a result of labour movement activities in Europe and North America during the beginning of 20th century.

Since then, a global dimension is assumed by International Women’s Day for women in developing and developed countries. International women’s movement has grown in the past few years and is further strengthened by the four United Nations conferences held at world level. These conferences have served the purpose of building support for the rights of women and their involvement in economic and political arenas.

First time National Women’s Day was observed on 28th February in the United States. This day was declared by the Socialist Party of America in the honour of the strike by garment workers in the New York City where women working in the factory protested against the work conditions. Meeting of the Socialist International in Copenhagen was established to honour the women’s rights and build a support system for such women. Hence in the year 1911, International Women’s day was declared for first time in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark. It was marked my many women rallies in these countries. Women demanded the right to vote and work in public offices, to carry out vocational training and wanted to end the discrimination in jobs.

It was in 1975 that United Nations started celebrating March 8 as International Women’s Day. The General Assembly in the year 1977 adopted the convention by United Nations for rights of women. It was in Beijing, China a action plan was prepared and about 189 governments signed the historic roadmap that gave emphasis on 12 areas related to women. This roadmap and platform was established with a vision for women and girl who can exercise and put forward their choices. In future they will have the ability to participate in politics, complete education, be independent and earn on their own, have a standing in society that is free from discrimination and violence and givesfull respect to women.

Session held in 2014 focussed on the Status of Women. It was yearly gathering of all the states which addressed critical issues related to women like rights of women and gender equality. This session focussed on the goals for development of girls and women. UN allotted worldwide NGOs monitored the progress and other challenges related to meeting the designed goals decided in year 2014.

United Nations affirmatively took steps to bring the equality principle between men and women. In the year 1945, Charter of the United Nations was signed as a part of the worldwide agreement. From then, United Nations has taken steps to create worldwide strategies, programmes, aims and standards to improve the women status worldwide. UN has played a great role to promote the participation of women in society along with men to achievepeace, respect of human rights and security.