8th Mar, 2018
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Women’s Day in China

Women’s day Holiday in China

In the large country of China, International Women’s Day is celebrated with much enjoyment and show of love and respect for women. Employed women are officially entitled to a half working day on 8th March each year. Unlike most countries where Women’s Day resonate with demonstrations, and mass events related to issues related to women, China has a different take on this day. Men treat women with special surprises, gifts, cards and flowers on this day and show their love for the gentler gender.

Mothers, wives, partners and daughters are treated specially on this day by the men in their lives. Taking them out for lunch or dinner is common on this day, as is organising parties for them. Children and husbands sometimes cook dinner for their mothers or wives on this day.

While a show of love and respect to women is the primary focus of the celebrations on Women’s Day, some discussions, important meetings and award ceremonies related to women are also held in a few parts of the country.

In keeping up with the spirit of love and merriment, China also celebrates Girl’s Day on 7th March. This day is especially designated to female students in colleges, universities and schools.

Special events like make up contests, dancing competitions and other fun activities are organised especially for girls. Some universities also allow students to put up wish trees on boards. Girls can put up their wishes on the wish tree and the boys get to fulfil their wishes on that day.

8th March is also politically important in China as this public holiday is a direct tribute to the communist ideology that has been adopted by China.