8th Mar, 2018
Women’s Day » Women’s Day in Guinea Bissau

Women’s Day in Guinea Bissau

Women’s day Holiday in Guinea Bissau

It was year 1908, when about 15,000 women marched through the New York City streets to claim their voting rights, shorter working hours, and better remuneration. This event marked the beginning of International Women’s Day. The United Nations in the year 1975 officially announced and recognized International Women’s Day. Some 27 countries like, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Belarus, Cuba, China, Armenia, Eritrea, Kyrgystan, Nepal, Moldova, Zambia, Guinea-Bissau and few more have marked International Women’s Day as an official holiday. Hence this day celebrates womanhood and accomplishments of women from different walks of life.

Guinea-Bissau having population about 1.500 million, is a small country present on the African West coast. It is a country dealing with social and political instability, where corruption, injustice, and day to day increasing crime are paralysing the situation of the country. Current problems have paralysed the social and economic development of the state and violation of human rights and gender discrimination is on the rise, which has worsened the condition of kids and women.

With an official holiday on International Women’s Day, various events are organized every year to strengthen the women rights in society. Like in the year 2013, a march was organized which consisted mostly of women, as an appeal to government to end the hostility against women. Similarly in the year 2014, United Nations Volunteers programme took initiative to increase the involvement of women in local, regional and national processes. With Guinea-Bissau undergoing social and political upheaval, introduction of women in politics and social matters is a commendable move and International Women’s Day is ideal to commemorate such events.