8th Mar, 2018
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Women’s Day in Belarus

Women’s day Holiday in Belarus

Belarus is a small nation situated in East-Europe. Formerly a part of the Soviet Union, Belarus today is an independent nation, and it celebrates International Women’s Day on March 8th like most other nations around the world.

Women’s Day is an official holiday in Belarus, and on this day, women are treated to pleasantries by colleagues at work, friends and family members. Belarusian women are generally in-charge of household responsibilities, but on this day, family members contribute and get things done without worrying the women about it. Gifting flowers to women is a very common gesture on this day. All in all, International Women’s Day is an occasion that brings a lot of joy and happiness for women all over Belarus.

However, a sad truth remains. In spite of the widespread celebrations on March 8th, Belarus is lagging behind a lot of other countries in terms of gender equality. Working women in Belarus are not only expected to meet their targets in office, they are also expected to go back home and complete various household tasks. This kind of taxing routine definitely goes against everything gender equality stands for.

On top of the patriarchal system in place in Belarus, women have also been subjected to a lot of crimes in recent years. Sexual crimes, harassment and other offences have been directed towards women, and each passing International Women’s Day is a reminder of the fact that all of Belarus needs to respect and recognize women more. A nation cannot improve if its men and women are not on equal footing.