8th Mar, 2018

Women's Day

This day called proudly as "International Women's day" celebrates the unique strength of women that is hard to find in the entire human existence. It's a global day and is celebrated in most parts of the world to take conscious cognisance of the unprecedented achievements of women, irrespective of which section of the society they belong to. It was the labour moment of the twentieth century in North America that came out to be the time when this day emerged.

That was the time which proved to be a turning point in the history of womanhood and her velour, both in the developing and the developed countries. The women's right has proved to be a magical wand in terms of building a support system for the rights of women and their participation in spheres including politics and economics. It was 28th February 1909, when first International women's day was celebrated in United States. And, it was only during 1975 when the UN (United Nations) started celebrating this day on 8th of March every year.

The International women's day calls for the equality of women in the society where they are often not given that right that, she actually deserves. But thankfully, since the inception of the IWD, the scenario has changed quite rapidly to address many issues in the related field. International women's day has not any affiliation from a particular group or organization rather it brings together the reputed women's organizations, Governments of various countries and other organizations that are from the similar school of thought.

Let's celebrate the incredible strength of women to strengthen the foundation of the society!!

  • Often we leave our appreciation unspoken!
    2day we all say Happy Women’s Day!!
  • What really inspires me of a woman is the way she manage her personal and professional life so well, so hat’s off to all women out there!
    **Happy Women’s Day 2018**
  • There is no other friend like you.
    You are so thoughtful and caring and
    I wanted to thank you for making my life to become even brighter.
    May you have a Happy Women’s Day!!
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Over the decades, so many women have made outstanding contributions towards human spaceflight and the world has gained valuable insights from their initiatives. Women who came from ordinary background, but knew how to dream big and reach out for the stars! Listed here are the top 5 women astronauts in the world that everyone should be proud of.

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The Women Stalwarts
Indian Hockey Team Sushmita Sen: The Lady Hero

The story of this lady hero in the patriarchal society will actually inspire many coming generations. There are only a few women and a few humans on the Earth who can think the way this great lady dared and thought. A person like her need to be celebrated every day for the courage she has shown in reaping up the bud of accepting an abandoned girl child and then nurturing her all alone in the absence of a male partner.

Women in Power and Decision Making

Participation of women in democracy is basic to governance in democracy. Women have become dynamic leaders of transformation, their involvement to claim their civil liberties, building communities and providing protection at various situations is commendable. But, there is a long way to go before women get equal rights to represent leadership and take charge of power positions, be it in government organizations or corporate boardrooms.

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