8th Mar, 2018
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Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership

Most of the women out there in the society do not have much in common in terms of their achievements. All of them have given a fresh direction to the affairs of the society with an altogether new way of thinking. While some of them have taught to the world the lesson of peace, some have something new to the world so as to make people’s life easier. There have an assortment of women leaders who have shown with their diligence that women leaders are not only the leaders of their home but they can prove to be way betters leaders than their male counterparts at the work place.

According to people from various walks of life, women have a high potential to be better political leaders than men. The fact is not only confined to the political world but the ability of woman to excel expands to the corporate world too. They may also at times show up better leadership traits than a man, including their ability to innovate and intelligence. They can do the work assigned in an organized way same as they organize their household. Women have so far shown their leadership traits by being positioned at various leadership positions including President, Prime Minister and various other ministerial posts.

This exclusive section of the website deals in telling the stories of those women in leadership around the world who have held several political offices and have inspired not only the female fraternity bun also many male aspirants gearing up to become leaders. From last many years there have been female rules and queens who have compassionately and honestly worked for their people. From around 3000 BCE, the Queen of Egypt has been believed to be rulers. Kubaba was the first Egyptian Queen to have been the ruler of the Mesopotamian City-State of Ur.

First woman leaders to be Prime Minister President around the world

It was Sri Lanka which became the first country in the world to elect a woman to the highest position of the country in 1960. Sirivamo Bandaranaike from Sri Lanka was the first woman to be the Prime minister of the country. Monaco in 2009 became the last country in the world to have elected the first woman member of the Government. The Government of Finland in 2007 became a county to have 60% of woman in the office.

First woman leaders to be President around the world

Besides that, Isabel Perón from Argentina is the first female leader to have been elected as the President in1974. Before Isabel Perón got elected as the President, there was one woman as the acting head of the Governments and two women as the acting heads of the state. Sweden, 1999 became the first such country to have more woman ministers than male; nine men and eleven woman.

First Woman Leaders to be Ministers around the world

Nina Bang in 1924-26 became the first female to be inducted into the ministry into a democratic parliamentary setup. She was the Danish Minister of education. However, it was only the end of the 20th century when the pace of including female minister in the Government set up got enunciated. But there are still few countries where there is no woman in their Government setup.

Woman leaders: Currently in office

Currently there are 27 woman leaders including in the self-ruling territories and other countries. There are two currently reining Queens out of the 25 monarchies, including in United Kingdom, and Denmark. Estonia, Chile, Croatia, Lithuania, Liberia, Malta, , Mauritius, Nepal, the Marshall Islands South Korea (Suspended), Taiwan and Switzerland are the 12 countries to have at present female prime Ministers.

This section of the website contains a listing of female heads put into chronological order for the convenience of the readers. It includes the listing of first female prime Minister to first female presidents and first female leaders in every area. To read it in detail people can go to the directed page.

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