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Female Queens And Empresses

Female Queens And Empresses

An empress is one who is same as that of an emperor in authority and power. She is also referred to being as the mother of the emperor; in addition to that she is also the female who is a ruler in her own way. An empress consort (emperor’s wife) is somebody who is entitled to share the rank of her husband and take the responsibility of the monarchical title of the king. On the other hand empress regnant has all the power of monarch and she is a queen with her own rights, who takes up the throne of the monarch after the death of the previous monarch. Queens have the same onus of the kingdom same as the kings. Both empress and queens are considered to be crowned heads of the empire, the difference being the emperor and empresses sit at higher titles of the monarch than that of the kings and queens. A queen or an empress have all the powers and are considered to possess highest authority in the empire same as their husbands.

Look through the section to take a glance of the works and life of the various well-known queens and empresses around the world.

1. Queen Regent and Head of State Ntombi laTwala of Swaziland (1983-86) and Joint Head of State, Queen Mother, the Indovukazi (1986)
Queen Ntombi laTwala Ndlovukati of Swaziland Queen Mother Ntfombi was born in 1950 has served as the Joint head and Ndlovukati of State of Swaziland from the year 1986. In addition to that, from 1983 to 1986, she was also the regent of Swaziland and mother of King Mswati III. His son Mswati III, after becoming the king of the state, as per the traditions named his mother as the Indlovukazi, which is a title given roughly to queen mother. Consequently she became the joint head of the emperor along with her son and she acted as national and spiritual head of the state.

2. Dzeliwe Shongwe of Swaziland, Queen Mother Indlovukazi (1982-83)
Queen Dzeliwe Shongwe Dzeliwe Shongwe, Inkhosikati LaShongwe has ruled as the Queen Regent from 1982 to 83, of Swaziland. The king of Swaziland Sobhuja II was the husband of Dzeliwe, and they together had one child. After her husband died in 1982 she was named as the Queen Regent of the empire till the time prince Makhosetive, who was designated on to the throne by the outgoping king attained the age of eighteen. She was later replaced by Makhosetive’s mother, for opposing the dismissal of Prince Mabandla.

3. HM Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard, Queen of the Netherlands (1980-2013)
Queen HM Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard HM Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard, born in 1983 January had been the queen of the Netherlands from the year 1980 to 2013. On this position she reined for 33 years. She was the eldest daughter of Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld and Queen Juliana. She was crowned the heir of the state after the succession of her mother in 1948. She have had obtained a degree in law in 1961 from the Leiden University. Later on in 1966 she got married to a diplomat from Germany, Claus von Amsberg with whom she later had three children.

4. Kesang Choden, Queen Grandmother of Bhutan (1952- 72)
Queen Kesang Choden Kesang Choden, is the one and only one Queen Grandmother in the whole world. People of Refer to her as the Royal Grandmother. She has the authority to participate in the duty of her country as per her own choices. She has taken up her education from London, House of citizenship as from kalimpong, India in St. Joseph. When her husband Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, in 1952 took up the throne after the death of his father, she became the Queen consort. During her husband’s illness she was given the duty of the regent in 1972. She was keenly involved in keeping up the cultural heritage, art and architecture of Bhutan.

5. HM Margrethe the Second, by the Grace of God, Denmark's Queen (1972)
Queen HM Margrethe Margrethe II, born in 1940 is the Queen of Denmark and the supreme authority in the Church of Denmark. Beside that she is also the commander-in-chief in the Defence forces of Denmark. She was the eldest of all the children of Ingrid of Sweden and Frederick IX of Denmark. After the death of her father she was made the heir of the empire in 1972. She was the first female monarch of the country. She reined for almost 45 years and that made her the 2nd longest reigning monarch of Denmark after Christian IV. She has two sons with Henri de Laborde de Monpezat, whom she married in 1967.

6. Regent HM Queen ‘MaMohato Thabita 'Masente Lerotholi Mojela of Lesotho (1970), Regent, Queen (1990), Regent The Mofumahali (Queen Mother) - (1996)
Queen MaMohato Thabita Queen 'Mamohato Bereng Seeiso, born in 1941 has served as the regent of Lesotho three times, which is 1970, 1990 and 1996. Born in Mafeteng, MaMohato was the youngest child of Chief of Tsakholo, Lerotholi Mojela. She took up her studies at the Bath Training College of United Kingdom. She is widely known for her work done in the field of improving the pathetic condition of education in Lesotho. She was married to Moshoeshoe II. During a catholic retreat she succumbed to death in 2003, upon which a hospital was built on her name.

7. The Maori Queen Kuini Te Ata-i Rangi-Kaahu Koroki Te Rata Mahuta Tawhiao Potatau, New Zealand (1966-2006)
Queen Kuini Te Ata-i Rangi-Kaahu Dame Te Atairangikaahu, born in 1931 was the Queen of Maori for 40 years and she has reigned for the longest time as the monarch of Maori. Te Arikinui Te Atairangikaahu, is her full name. She was given the name Te Atairangikaahu, which means morning sky’s hawk and the title Te Arikinui, meaning supreme chief after she was crowned the monarch of the country. Before that she was referred with the name Piki Mahuta which became Piki Paki, after marriage.

8. Sisowath Monivong Kossomak Queen Consort of Cambodia (1960-70)
Queen Sisowath Monivong Kossomak Sisowath Monivong Kossomak, born in 1904 was the queen of Cambodia from 1955- 60 as she was married to Norodom Suramarit, the King of Cambodia. She was born to the king of Cambodia Sisowath Monivong and so she was a born princess. With the death of her husband she took up the responsibility and became the symbol of monarchy while her son became the head of the country. She has married the cousin of her father Norodom Suramarit, in the year 1920. After her father died in 1941, her son Sihanouk, was appointed as the king of the state.

9. Regent HM Somdetch Pra Nang Chao Sirikit Phra Baromma Rajini Nath of Thailand (1956)
Queen HM Somdetch Pra Nang Chao Sirikit Phra Baromma She was the wife of King Bhumibol, after whose retirement, she was appointed as the regent of the state. She was called as Mom Rajawong Sikrit Kitiyakara of Chandaburi, who was a distant member of the royal family. She has been there on the title Somdetch Pra Nang Chao Sirikit Phra Baromma Rajini Nathfrom 1956, which is the deputy head of the country. Besides that, she is also the Minister of the Prime Minister and the President of the Center for Asia-Pacific Women in Politics, which is manila based NGO, worked from 1992.

10. Queen Zein al-Sharaf of Jordan (1952-53)
Queen Zein al-Sharaf It is known that her velour and courage to act has indubitably made a print and filled the position successfully after, King Abdullah, was assassinated in 1951and the new King Talal, for his illness was being kept outside the office. Till his disposal and till the time her son Hussein I became 18, she acted as the regent. In the early years of 1950, she had played a major role in the Political developments of the country. Besides that, she has also acted actively in writing the Constitution of the country, bestowing full participation of women in affairs of the state. She was born in 1916, as the daughter of Egypt.