8th Mar, 2018
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Women’s Day in Canada

Women’s day Holiday in Canada The Enthusiasm of Women’s day Celebration in Canada!

International Women’s day which is celebrated on 8th of March is celebrated with the same enthusiasm in Canada and all around the world. On this people from various part of the world come forward advocating gender equality in all spares of life.

Women’s day was first observed in 1911 on 19th March in Denmark, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. On that particular day millions of men and women advocated the idea of equality of women participating in public even and over the preceding years it started to get significance in other European countries and gradually it became a global day. It got its name as International women’s day by UN in 1975 and officially in 1977, 8th March was declared as International women’s day. Today many countries including Canada celebrates International women’s day on 8th March. Over last many years women in Canada have come up with so much success in various fields. It’s been centuries that Canadian women have been granted the right to vote.

The people of Canada celebrate the achievements of women that she has been obtaining from last many years on this day. While there has been so much progress in removing the gender parity in Canada, yet more work needs to be done to bridge that gap between men and women.

Talking on the significance of women’s day celebration in Canada the Canadian Prime Minister on International women’s day 2016 had said that, even after so many long years there are women who are still denied education and are facing various gender based valances are being forced into child marriage. So, as a society, as parents, as community members we need to come forward and support the idea of gender parity.

The theme that the Canadian Government had adopted for the International day celebration 2016 was “women’s Empowerment leads to equality”. A campaign started on this day in Canada #YouAreEmpowerment and Thrudeau, the Prime Minister urged the people of Canada to participate in the campaign.

For gender equality it is essential to encourage women to choose freely for gender equality. Women who have come forward and are pursuing studies in STEM alias Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are an inspiration of many. Canada is one such fortunate place which ardently advocates the idea of gender equality. Many women in Canada had inspired women around the world to come forward one such example is Dr. Victoria Kaspi, a professor at McGill University, she is the first woman who has been awarded Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal at Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. When she was young she was very much enthralled by the sky that appears at night and gradually she turned her fascination into her career and researched about the extreme physics of the neutron stars which is believed to be the densest type of start in the Universe.

There are many such women in Canada who have proved themselves and made the country proud by crossing the limits of the sky even after so many taboos and prejudices related to women and their ability to achieve.