8th Mar, 2018
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Women’s Day Whatsapp Messages

Women’s Day Whatsapp Messages

Women are Inspiration, women are a source to unconditional love, women’s contribution has shaped the world and the society, it’s a woman who is behind every successful men. Thus to praise every women’s presence and importance in our life, here are some amazing Women’s Day Whatsapp Messages, such as-

  1. We are cute daughters,
    We are sweet sisters,
    We are lovely lovers,
    We are darling wives,
    We are adorable mothers,
    We are source of strength,
    We are WOMEN!
    !!Happy Women's Day!!
  2. As per the situation,
    You gave me hand to save me from falling down.
    Like a pure friend, sister and sometimes like a teacher also.
    You are the one with whom,
    I can share everything.
    Thanks for being with me every time.
    Lots of love on this beautiful occasion of Women’s Day!
  3. Side by side or miles apart,
    You are always on my mind and closer to my heart.
    The memories of time spent with you make me smile in my rough time.
    Saying thanks is not enough for that smile.
    But, love you a lot my sweetheart and Happy Women’s Day.
  4. You can do almost anything your mind to…
    You can swim the deepest ocean and climb the highest peak...
    Be a doctor or fly a plane...
    You can face adversity and still walk tall.
    You are strong, beautiful, compassionate and much more than words could ever say!
    Today is yours and so is every other day...
    **Happy Women’s Day**
  5. In Every Moment I Spend With
    U, It Becomes Magic In My Life...
    Thanks for Making
    Our House the Loveliest
    Place To Be In, On Planet Earth...
    **Happy Women’s Day 2018**
  6. I just want you to know how special and fortunate I find myself to be blessed with a woman as loving, caring and wonderful as you.
    !!Happy Women’s Day!!
  7. All your love,
    All your caring ways,
    All your giving these years are the reasons why my heart thinks of you on Women’s Day!
    With a wish for happiness and a world full of love
    **Happy Women’s Day**
  8. For all the times you’ve brought a smile and made my days seem brighter!
    For sharing ups and downs with me and making my burdens lighter!
    For doing the caring things that make you a special friend of mine!
    Your friendship is a joy.
    I wish it never ends!
    Happy Women’s Day!
  9. When the world was created,
    You were also created to beautify it.
    You have done your work perfectly
    As the entire world is smiling for you today!!
    **Happy Women’s Day**
  10. A woman 1 of the most beautiful creation of GOD,
    Showering her respect as daughter,
    Feel her care in the form of a sister,
    Feel her warmth in the form of a friend.
    Why did God create man 1st b4 creating a woman off course, because it’s always good 2 make a rough draft 1st b 4 making a MASTERPIECE...”
    Happy Women’s Day…
  11. IF fate favors you one day
    & you are asked what you want to be,
    Don’t wish to be someone else....
    Because you are wonderful the way you are!
    Cheers to Womanhood!
    Happy Women’s Day!
  12. Every Home,
    Every Heart,
    Every Feeling,
    Every Moment Of happiness is incomplete without you,
    Only Women can complete this world!
    !!Happy Women’s Day!!
  13. A beautiful woman draws strength from troubles,
    Smiles during distress and grows stronger with prayers & hope.
    Send this to a beautiful woman. I just did!
    Wishing you a very happy woman's day!!
  14. On women’s day,
    I’m thinking about
    The special ways
    You have made my life better.
    The little things,
    The not-so-little things...
    Your kindness,
    The way you always listen
    And pay attention to me.
    You make my world
    Happy Women’s Day!
  15. If Life is Rainbow,
    You are different colors of it
    If Life is Dark,
    You are the hope of Light
    !!Happy women’s Day!!
  16. On Lady’s Day...
    I wish success be with you constantly!
    Let me take this chance
    To wish you a Delighted Women’s Day
    May the magnificence and beauty
    Of womanhood be
    Abundantly bestowed upon you!!
    **Happy Women’s Day**
  17. We are cute children,
    We are sweet siblings
    We are charming fans,
    We are darling partners,
    We are charming mothers,
    We are source of strength,
    We are WOMEN!
    Your interest in all your endeavors influences me!
    **Happy Women’s Day**
  18. On this special day, celebrate life.
    Take a break from your busy schedule.
    Let your hair down, have fun and do what your heart says.
    Coz today is your day.
    Have a great Women’s Day!!
  19. She gave you birth,
    She gives you love,
    She teaches you to smile
    To reach that extra mile,
    It’s the woman behind everyone.
  20. Remember You Are Unique,
    Know Your Own Worth Believe
    That Your Existence Is a Blessing to This Earth!
    !!Happy Women’s Day!!
  21. Sending you wishes to say you blossom up the world around me!
    !!Happy Women’s Day!!

Womens Day Whatsapp Status

  1. Women! The Real companion of Men! Happy Women’s Day!!
  2. Women!! A wonderful person who brings liveliness to Life. Happy Women’s Day!
  3. Crossing Miles and Wishing Happy Women’s Day!!
  4. Women, the pretty Lady on earth, are always ready to make you feel happy.
  5. Women, the symbol of Power, a beautiful creation by God; Happy Women’s Day!
  6. Feel Proud to be Women, Happy Women’s Day!!
  7. Happy Women’s Day! The magic of Women’s Power begins and continues…
  8. Love, care and Respect Women in your life! Happy Women’s Day!
  9. No existence of Life without women’s support, Come on & take pride to celebrate Women’s Day 2018!
  10. Women, the backbone of family, cherish each moment on Women’s Day on 8th March 2018.