8th Mar, 2018
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Women’s Day Prayer

Women’s Day Prayer

A woman herself is a celebration! She believes and we live! If God has given her the power to make, he too has given her equal power to break; to break the boundaries she has been in for so many years. If she can take pain, abandon her own dreams for yours, she too can take on the challenge of the world to embark on the journey of taking up her own dreams. She is the faith, she is the power!! Women’s day is nothing but a way of honoring her power, her way of showing affection and love which could not have been in the caliber of human in any form, had women not been there.

We all feel obliged at her courage to take on the challenge of keeping us all happy and the world without demanding anything in return. There are a number of Women’s day prayers which people recite during women’s day and at various occasions to please the women in their life and to celebrate the power of women community as a whole.

Here is a list of some of the women’s day prayers which people can recite during women’s day celebration:


Awake, O powerhouse of faith,
Awake, O woman you are born to take,
Everything that God has bestowed upon,
Everything God has filled in your heart,
The tremendous power to win the hearts,
The amazing shower of love that you inspire,
And the unbelievable art of making everything true,
Unlock the power, that God has given you,
Prove your worth, prove your existence,
This one is an opportunity to make it a truth,

2. Rise up, O Woman

Rise up, O woman,
Get the sword in your hands,
Dare to make your home in the sand,
Take up the challenge to end,
End the struggle that you had,
Unlock the unfathomable power within,
Show to the world, the immeasurable potency,
Leave the rest and create the best,
Because that’s where you belong to, o woman

3. The sacrosanct might

The world is calling for you, o woman
For you to expand your wings,
Release your real energy in the right direction,
The false pride of those who doubts your power will crumble,
The holy might within you is unparallel,
You are born with the ignited fire,
God has made you to come at the front,
And face the fears,
God wants you to bring about the change,
Let the power to grow and do the much needed changes,
Let this incredulous power manifest its magic!

4. Woman! Hear the voice and awake!

O mother, O sister, O wife, O woman,
Relinquish, what holds you back,
The onus is onto your shoulders,
To show the right path to those who have lost their way,
The onus to take forward the message of God,
Is onto your shoulders,
You are the one, who can make the difference,
If you obey the voice of your heart,
You can conquer the doubts that put you down
For you will for sure transform,
As with each passing day, God within you increase!