8th Mar, 2018
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Facts About Women's Emotions

Facts About Women's Emotions Some Attention-grabbing Facts about Women’s Emotions!

It has been a proven fact that women are way more emotional than men. Women’s level of emotions has baffled people from last many years. Understanding women emotions has never been an easy task. There are only few people who can actually understand their emotions and its spontaneity.

There is a lot of difference between the emotional level of women and men. Right from the design of the brain to its functioning to the way they perceive the world everything is different. Let’s throw light on how emotions are processed inside a woman’s mind and how that makes the world a different world all together:

  • Taking into account the emotional component, we can say that a woman has better memory than a man. A woman attaches her memories to defence mechanism and to her emotions. If you have hurt her in any way years before, she still remembers that incident and she will react taking that pain into her heart. She at times makes that pain to act as a catalyst in areas of her life positively to furnish excellent results.
  • She has that occult feeling of reoccurrence of that pain that you have inflicted upon her many years back no matter how much you have changed yourself. If you have ever acted like her mean brother or her absent father or her slapdash boyfriend she feel that sense of repulsion from you.
  • Most woman tie their emotions together, something that happened a long ago she will feel as if happening today which is exceedingly intense in nature. If a situation together is similar to what had happened to her in the past than for a woman that situation is similar. In the language of computers such situation is called “fuzzy logic”. In context of brain the situation is called cortex matrix.
  • Men on the other hand perceive emotions very differently. Men do not get into combining people and feelings and consequences that women live on all their lives. Men, if experience an emotional phase in their lives, it’s just the matter of the time and they easily find ways to deal with it.
  • When talking about relationships, women know all the nuances of it. They can explain thousand of facets of relationships like a scholar. They have this ability right from the birth in their DNA. Their world revolves around relationships and emotions attached therein.

Some quick facts about Women emotions!

  • Women are more talkative than men are.
  • Woman can learn to read very easily as compared to men.
  • They can remember facts better than men.
  • Women take time in taking any decision but once they take a decision, it is more likely that they will stick to it.
  • Breathing rate of females is slower than men.
  • They are good at multitasking.
  • A woman often uses “I am sorry”, because she often feels that she has done it wrong.
  • Women are way more tolerant to pain than men.
  • Women get anxious very easily.
  • Most of the time women use silence to express their pain.

We must pay heed to the both the negative and the positive side of a woman’s emotions. Her emotions are not the sign of her weakness; it makes them way stronger than any other creature in the universe. This is exemplified by the fact that she carries her baby with love; she acts as a mother, a wife, a sister and many more with strength and austerity.