8th Mar, 2018
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Women’s Day in Turkmenistan

Women’s day Holiday in Turkmenistan

The role of women in Turkmenistan though is very important has never been as strict and limited like that of other country’s Muslim women. Alabourdivision exists, however women usually are not visible actors in political affairs outside the home. Turkmen women have never worn a veil similar to that of other women in its neighbouring countries. As Turkmenistan is a tribal nation, customs concerning women vary within the country. A lot of women havevastly specialized skills and creative potential that they employ in their household and its maintenance.Many women had to join the work force out of monetarycompulsion, because of which some traditional family practices were disrupted and the occurrence of divorceincreased.During the same time, well-readand cultured urban women entered professional services and line of businesses.

Today Turkmenistan celebrates International Women’s Day on 8 March in its capital Ashgabat at the highest organizational level wherein the President and other relevant officials are special guests. It is a popular public holiday and the President himself organizes functions to promote this day. The President speaks on the importance of this day and about the infrastructures the country has to promotedevelopment of women’s scientific, intellectual, and creative potentials. He congratulates all the women of the country. Honourable titles are presented to women who have shown great valour or have boosted the development of the country and he awards cash gifts to all women of Turkmenistan.

Also beauty contests, exhibitions of fine art and craft, soirees, competitions, performances in the form of singing and dancing by popular artists and folk groups take place in all provinces of Turkmenistan. Celebration of International Women’s Day in Turkmenistan spells grandeur, dignity and festivity as the aforementioned functions are held at a large scale. Men mark the beginning of spring by bestowing their women with cordial words and gifts.