8th Mar, 2018
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Women’s Day in Laos

Women’s day Holiday in Laos

The South East Asian country of Laos observes an official holiday on the auspicious occasion of the International Women’s Day. Celebrations are carried out with much zest and enthusiasm on this day, as the women of the Lao community are recognized for their efforts to contribute more to the development of women in Laos in the future.

Like many other South East Asian countries, there is a terrible gender inequality problem in Laos. With a patriarchal society in place, most of the advantages and privileges go out to the men. In recent years, women have started stepping out and getting jobs for themselves. However, everything in Laos is still slightly biased towards men.

Laos has been at the centre of various socio-political storms over the years, and along with the aforementioned patriarchal society, it has contributed to the difficult position women find themselves in. In Laos, women are considered to be perfect for household work. But changes are rapidly forthcoming, with a lot of Lao women equipping themselves to be employed and earn their own livelihood.

International Women’s Day in Laos is acts as a wakeup call to the entire nation of Laos. While the festivities and celebrations have more to do with maintaining a certain image, it serves as a reminder that a lot of things have to be changed in Laos if there is to be a level playing field between the men and women of the country. It also says that women and men have to work with each other, and not against each other, for things to improve.