8th Mar, 2018
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Women’s Day in Tajikistan

Women’s day Holiday in Tajikistan

Tajikistan celebrates International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day together on 8 March. According to the Tajiks, there was once the culture of women veneration and dedication of the Spring Holiday to the cult of women. On 8 March, their ancient traditions are revived and celebrated in modern way. They compare the beauty of their women to flourishing nature. Men compliment their women and give them flowers and gifts on this day.

However women’s position in Tajikistan is highly patronizing. Domestic violence is very high due to orthodox Tajik family values and unwillingness of the authorities to get involvedin what is viewed in Tajikistan as a "private family matter". Almost half of Tajik women are subjected to psychological and sexual violence by their husbands or in-laws. The Tajik society views domestic violence as a justified right. A UNICEF survey says 62.4% of women in Tajikistan validate wife-beating if the wife goes out without telling the husband; 68% if she argues with him; 47.9% if she refuses to have sex with him.

Another survey found out that Tajik population widely agreed that it was correct for a husband or mother-in-law to beat a wife/daughter-in-law who had argued/disobeyed the family members, left the house without permission, or had not prepared dinner on time.

Clearly Tajik people will have to walk a long way to truly understand what an International Women’s Day stand for.