8th Mar, 2018
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Women’s Day in Georgia

Women’s day Holiday in Georgia

Month of March marks the commencement of the spring season. Women like the blooming beautiful flowers of the spring, wait for this month.

International Women’s Day is celebrated in Georgia with a holiday on March 8, every year. On this day, all brave Georgian men make themfeel a little more important, than the rest of the days of the year. Hence for Georgian women, March is regarded as one of the special and most important months of the year.

United Nations declared the year 1975 as the ‘International Women’s Year’. Worldwide various women organizationsand governments observe March 8 as International Women’s Day and numerous events are held on large scale to honour and celebrate women achievements, their rightsand such events further motivate and inspire them to continue their progress.The United States of America regards complete March month as ‘Women’s History Month’. Many countries like Cuba, China, Laos, Madagascar, Russia, Uganda, Moldova, Zambia, Nepal, Afghanistan, Burkina, Armenia, Mongolia, Georgia, Vietnam, Eritrea, Kazakhsthan and Ukraine observe official holiday on March 8.

Georgia, former part of Soviet Union, lies at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. After attaining its freedom from Soviet Union, Georgia banned many of the festivals celebrated in Soviet, which included International Women’s Day. Georgians introduced March 3 as a day to mark the motherhood, their role in shaping Georgian society, and maternal affection. This move received a lot of criticism, as it depicted partiality towards childless and single mothers. Hence, Georgia had to remove the ban and reinstate the holiday, not only for celebration of motherhood but for International Women’s Day too. Now they celebrate both the days, March 3 and March 8, by giving gifts and flowers to the women.

Men, be it father, husband, brother or son, they all express love, gratitude and wish their grandmothers, mothers, daughters, wives and sisters with happiness, prosperity and joy along with gifts and flowers, as an appreciation for their selfless and caring attitude. Basically, it’s a day when things are done to make women feel a little more special than the usual.

In Georgia, they celebrate all the important dates along with the drinks. It’s surprising that Georgians are little less sentimental about May 26, their Independence Day. Otherwise, be it Christmas, any religious or civil occasion, or International Women’s Day, they uncork the famous Georgian vodka or vine vodka and have a great celebration. Women are given the title of ‘Queen’ and everybody celebrates the womanhood by opening the chacha, an amazing Georgian wine. In the sparkling glasses, all raise toast to beauty of god’s creation, their charm and wisdom. Many events are organized to felicitate women doing exceptional work for society.

International Women’s Day on March 8th gives respect to all the unheard women who have made the path to progress of society and fought for womanhood. A holiday on March 8 is a great way of paying respect and tribute to beautiful Georgian women by government of Georgia.