8th Mar, 2018
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Women’s Day in Kazakhstan

Women’s day Holiday in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, former part of Soviet republic is no exception and celebrates International Women’s Day on March 8 every year. It is one of those 27 countries of the world that observe Women’s day as an official holiday. From 1966, Kazakhstan celebrates this holiday with lots of joy and happiness, from the year it was approved as an official holiday in the USSR territory.

International Women’s Day celebrates women of all ages and extols the beauty, kindness and love of women. This day all the men take opportunity to please and appreciate women in their lives, be it mother, daughter, sister or wife.

Usually men give flowers to all the women on this day. Pressure mounts on all men as price of flowers becomes ten times more than the usual, just a day before International Women’s Day. Little gifts and chocolates are also given by males to their female friends. Unconventionally, men on this day complete the day to day chores at home and allow women to relax. Basically citizens of Kazakhstan enjoy this holiday to the best. Women on this day take the privilege and pamper themselves to the fullest by undergoing spa treatment.

Many festive events are organized specially for women on this day. Although, this holiday is celebrated historically as the day of resilience shown by working women struggling for their rights and equality in Western society, it has lost its importance in the West than the post-Russian countries which continue to celebrate this day in its true spirit.