8th Mar, 2018
Women’s Day » Women’s Day in Uzbekistan

Women’s Day in Uzbekistan

Women’s day Holiday in Uzbekistan

The International Women's Day is a declared national holiday which is observed on March 8 here. Uzbekistan see this day as the day of beauty, tenderness and feminine love. They celebrate Mothers’ Day on the same date. They believe that concepts of spring and Women are synonymous and complementary to each other. This female holiday coincides with the first days of spring thus they compare beauty of woman to a gentle, blossoming flower. Men dedicate this day to their mothers, wives and daughters and gift them flowers with heartfelt wishes.

Uzbekistan has a high literacy rate; hence Uzbek women play an important role in the socio-political and socioeconomic spheres. Today there is hardly any subject, be it political, cultural, economic, social, where the woman of Uzbekistan has failed to exhibit her proficient and ingeniousaptitudes. They have been backed by their country’s labour legislation, which guarantees equal rights, right for childcare leave for up to three years, and benefits for pregnant women. It barsemploying women in complex and risky jobs and working night shifts.

The Women’s Committee, the Microcreditbank, espoused a joint decision in March 2015 to arrange seminars for the development of women’s entrepreneurship in remote areas of Uzbekistan. Also, the Women’s Committee with the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Association of Banks of Uzbekistan agreedto a plan of joint activitiesregarding the employment of female college graduates, primarily in small scale industries, services, farming, small business and work at home, particularly in rural areas.