8th Mar, 2018
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Know about the Date, theme and everything about International Women’s Day 2018

Know about Date and theme

The annual event of women’s Day 2018 celebrated to work out to eradicate the gender parity that exists in every field of life. International women’s day calls for the grand celebration for the achievements by every woman in every arena of life. The day acts as a catalyst for bringing in transformation in the society thereby removing the huge gender parity that still needs to be worked upon.

The day has been celebrated for more than a 100 years which is now had become a moment of celebration around the world.

When is International Women’s Day celebrated?

International women’s Day is celebrated on 8th of March every year and this year the day is going to be celebrated on Thursday 8th of March. This celebratory moment brings together various women organizations, charity houses, business houses and other Global Governments to make the day a way of celebrating the courage of women.

International women’s Day 2018 is marked by rallies, marches, talks, performances and other networking events.

According to the report of World Economic forum, still it will take around 217 years to fill the gender gap that exists in the world.

Theme for Women’s Day 2018: #PressforProgress

A strong call to #PressforProgress:

This one is a strong and powerful call to bring together communities, family, friends, colleagues and everyone around to contribute with heart and soul in the empowerment of women. Only an inclusive growth of the society can bring in the much needed transformation in the society.

Origin of International Women’s Day

The first women empowerment motion was started on 28th of February 1909 in New York which was then organized by the Socialist Party of America. After the demonstrations done in New York, the representatives of the Socialist party proposed for the observance of International women’s Day.

First women’s Day was then celebrated on 19th of March 1911 in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland.

After two years in 1913, 8th March was decided as the day for celebrating the International women’s Day and since then it has been celebrated on the same day.

Why International women’s Day is celebrated?

The day had been devised to fill the large gap that exists between men and women but that gap had not yet been fulfilled and that is the reason this day is still celebrated.

Even in a developed country like that of UK, there is a huge pay gap between men and women as much as 14 %. A report in 2018 established that a gender gap of 15 % still exists between men and women.

There are a lot of differences that exists in terms of the rights of women including the dearth of women representatives in politics, Defense and other major and minor arena of work. In 2017, a report of the World Economic forum established that it will take around 100 years to fill this gender gap. This estimation was about 83 years in the year 2016.

A protest called “Day without a woman” saw as many as thousand women rallying together during the celebration of International women’s Day 2018.