8th Mar, 2018
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A Way of Showing Our Gratitude Towards Women

Audacious Women Heroes at ISRO

Women’s revolution has been hitherto taken up as a means to instil the spirit of encouraging women and helping them in getting through the path they have been on for last many years! While now it’s transforming to take the form of a global agenda to boost the growth rate of the economy. For quite a long time this patriarchal society has only depended on the contribution from the males of the society but fortunately we have in the recent years witnessed the positive change for the good of the society! One can imagine the pace of development we could have witnessed have we been able to take up the affairs of the world as a whole, in an inclusive fashion. The good thing is that the world is gradually understanding the participation of women in society and moving towards an egalitarian societal set up. This year in 2018, we are going to celebrate this really important day on 8th of March and people and Governments from around the world are doing a lot in the direction.

Here are some recent developments that we probably are going to witness in this year and that will help in transforming the endemic disease of hating to encouraging women who dare to raise their voice with her choice!

Italy 2018: Very recently to give a little boost to this revolution of women’s day celebration, various countries are coming up with different ideas so as to encourage women. On the women’s day which is falling on 8th of March on Wednesday, Italy has unanimously given women free entry into the museum. This move has come in the wake of the upcoming women’s day celebration. The Government of Italy has decided to celebrate feminism by showcasing the artistic work of women and providing them leverage to visit the museum for free.

London 2018: In London a large number of women are marching in flock in order to observe International women’s day! The rally has been led by various well known public figures in order to encourage the world to end up the violence against women and encourage gender equality.

Poland 2018: Drumming their way in Warsaw the capital city of Poland, men and women groups walked through, advocating the reproductive rights of women. Poland is one such country which allows abortion in cases of danger to the life of mother or in cases of rape, but the Catholic Church wants to ban it completely.

Mumbai, India 2018: Here is this audacious woman who does not believe at all in the stereotypes! Her message on the social media which is as simple as inspiring has called for a change, strong enough to make a difference! She says, as long as we are happy with ourselves, judgement hardly matters! She shared her post on humans of Bombay page of Facebook. She writes, she is fat and she wears a turban for, she is a khalsa, but she feels good about whatever she is! And she says, as long as I stick to the idea of loving my way of life, nothing can thwart my confidence.

New Delhi India 2018: Under Sawchh Bharat Abhiyan women Sarpanch have done some exemplary piece of work and so in order to honour and encourage more such women to come forward, PM Narendra Modi will be honouring the women Sarpanch on the day of International women’s day. A function will be explicitly organized to encourage women to get involved in more such work, in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.