The Strength in Being a Housewife

Empowerment is not about forcing women to step out and work but the real empowerment is about respecting their way of life. If a woman wants to sit at home and then look after the children and the home she should be respected for all that she does. It is the time for us all to understand the fact that no matter a housewife does not get a salary at hand for everything that she does the amount of hard work and the great chunk of time that it involves is more than any other job.

If one does a job, it’s just that the person has to work in a single filed but think about a housewife who has to be skilled enough to handle everything from being a psychologist to a housekeeper to a cook to a day care teacher to a chief executive officer to many more. And, that too she does not get anything from this. Let’s talk about some of the roles that she plays at home and that gets unrecognized for that matter…..

1. House keeper

And, if she would have been working as a housekeeper in some organization she must have been getting a salary of about 3000-4000 per month. But a woman who works all day long even on Sundays and she never gets paid for it anything. However she gets bullied at a number of occasions for what she does all day long. Her housekeeping activities include a number of tasks from housecleaning to cleaning and laundering.

2. Personalized Cook

Personalized cooking for as many as 3-4 people may be charged from standardized rates around 6000-7000 Rs. A housewife cooks whatever she is ordered from any of the members of the family and then most of the times she is not g9iven due respect for it. Folks we really need to be careful about that!!

3. Day Care Teacher

Thinking of hiring a day care teacher or a tutor for your children to look after their studies and work for their school projects, gives you the blues of spending around Rs 6000 to Rs 7000. But we all should be thankful to all those ladies who happily stay at home to make our lives stress free. But we often don’t value that!!

4. Computer Operator

And, if you will think of hiring a computer operator for helping you with all your household works related to computers, you may have to spend as much as 5 K to 6 K. But a woman’s acquiescence to love leads her to do it for you 24*7 all through the day. Why do we forget praising them for all that? It’s high time; we need to learn to respect this relic of power and strength.

5. Laundry Operator

Think!! How much you will need to pay if you have a laundry staff at home!! May be you will have to pay around 3k to 4 k or more for doing up laundry for whole of the family. But gratitude is all for the woman at home who saves that part of your money by doing it on her own. She deserves to be respected!!

6. Driver

A homemaker proudly takes time to drive her children to the school and she also drives at a number of occasions for taking care of various household obligations. And, what do we do to her for all the energy and time that she pours in for the same. Had she not been there you may have to pay for the same and hire a professional.

7. Janitor

A woman as a house maker makes everyone feel safe by getting up all night if she ever feels that any member of the family is not feeling safe. She makes sure that everyone is in deep slumber inside their cozy blankets. And, you don’t feel the need for a Janitor at to make yourself feel safe!!

8. Accountant

The woman at home acts as the accountant of the house and she takes care of everything!! You do not have to worry about taking care of the budget and everything; she will manage it for you. Imagine the expanses you may had to bear had she not been there.

9. Nurse for kids and elderly

At times, when there is a need, a lady she will become a full time nurse for her children and elderly at home and she will bring that sleight of the hand in handling her work. From the beginning of the day to the end, she takes care of everything.

Seems, a woman who chooses to stay at home just to take care of the home and family is a real superwoman. If ever she would have worked it out professionally she must have been hired on a package of 45K. What a piece of creation of God a woman is who does it all for no financial gain but just as a gesture of her love and affection. Here, at, you can read a lot about the power of women and what she has contributed to the society.

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