The Saga of International Women’s Day Celebration!

International woman’s day is celebrated on a global platform every year on 8th March. It is a day which came into being to rejoice the phenomenal power of woman, which she has shown in last few years. The day provides us opportunity to stand together and unite to fight for the atrocities faced by women around the globe. The 2030 global agenda Stands at eradicating the gap that exists between male and female in the society, which has been found to be the transformational force for a sustainable and inclusive growth. Since the inception of International woman’s Day, the agenda of gender parity has taken global form. Over the years it had given opportunity to woman to exploit the untapped power of woman which can be an important tool to wake up the society from the deep sleep it has been in.

Virtually, 41 years ago in 1945, UN first celebrated its first International woman’s day. The Charter of the United Nations, in 1945, with its approval became the first such agreement to avow the equality of women. Though, woman’s origin is not associated with United Nations, it is worldwide sponsored by the UN. The woman revolution goes back to late 1800’s and early 1900’s, when it grew from woman’s social movement to formation of woman trade unions gradually.

History Related to Woman’s Day

It was on 19 March 1911 when the first International day was observed. The trade unions of woman and socialists observed the women’s day on the last Sunday of February in 1908. The day has been celebrated since then annually focusing on helping women to participate equally in the development of the society and work at the forefront in realizing their individual dreams.

Origin of International Women’s Day (IWD)

International women day which came into being at the time when there was a great deal of turbulence in the society, inherited with it political revolution and a tradition that believed in protests and activism. A handful of women in from the beginning of the 20th century, in the preceding years of 1910, have started entering in the jobs that gave them opportunity to earn in some of the industrially developing countries. There existed a mammoth differentiation in the wages of men and women and the situation of women workers was miserable.

Gradually, women trade unions started budding, protesting the pathetic condition of women workers. The aggressive flame to fight could be realized from the fact that, besides the trade unions, some non unionised women groups came forward to shake up the system. With this, women gradually started coming out with various threats of the society, so as to make the earth a free place to live both for men as well as women. The comprehensive campaign for obtaining the right to vote for women throughout America, Europe, Britain and Australia has started and women started orchestrating various such issues.

First Women’s Day

It was in Austria, Denmark, Germany and a handful of other European countries where the first International women’s Day was observed on 19 March, 1911. On 1848, March 19, the King of Prussia had promised reforms in favour of women upon facing an armed uprising and so the date was chosen for celebrating women’s day. An uncountable number of leaflets were distributed all over in Germany calling for action in favour of the right of women. With this a strong moment began and the seed was sown in the minds of people to fight the menace.

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