The Jaw-Dropping Velor of Women in ISRO!!

Many of the self-made women of India, on various occasions have proved that success does not call for looking at the gender you belong to, be it any circumstances of life! They give us the chance to celebrate the velour of women and celebrate the inclusive existence of the society as a whole. ISRO, the Indian Space Research Organization, recently launched record breaking 104 satellites, all in one go, which has yet again let us take a glimpse of the women of strength and show up their strength.

Just after setting after the world record these women, came into lime light to show that there is nothing that women cannot do! Be it any field, the science or any other, she can be the best in any and every field she embarks on! Finally, with their strength they have earned a lot of applause. While some of them came into the limelight during the launch of the Mangalyaan, while some of them have left their imprint with the launch of the record breaking 104 satellites in one go.

Here is the story of some of the women in ISRO who even after hailing from a country like India where even after modernization has taken up a gigantic form, women have to struggle to work towards their dreams.


She is a system engineer at ISRO, who while working on the India’s mission to Mars back in 2014, worked for almost 18 hours per day, in a windowless room. She worked with the great team, most of which are male and still had left her imprint with her great contribution. She understood the discipline of working as a team to work in coherence to meet the deadline of the project. During the whole period of the mission, Sampatha along with the other team members have abstained themselves from taking any off from the work. She has made us understood that, not even space can exist without getting to be connected to woman.


She was amazed at the, Chandrayaan 1, India’s first lunar probe, when she was reading about it in the Anandabazar patrika while she was at her home town in Kolkata. She was fascinated by the job and was of the idea that the people who have got the opportunity to be a part of the mission are indubitably lucky. That time she never knew that, one day she will be the part of ISRO. It was in 2015 that she became a part of the ISRO and was inducted as the one of the scientists at ISRO. She became the part of the team which was working on the MOS (Mars Orbiter Mission). These days she has made us all proud and inspired many by leading the team which is currently working in the direction of making progress in optical sciences which is going to be a part of the “Make in India Initiative”.


She was the extraordinary girl with extraordinary desires, who got ensnared with the scene of Neil Armstrong, walking about the grounds of women. And that was the time when she decided that she is going to become a scientist. Through this act of hers she had proved that, if walk on the path your inner self is asking you to walk, then no matter you are a male or a female you will definitely win. Her childhood dream has led her to become the most senior women officer of ISRO. She has set an example for all those women, who are aspiring to become a part of this prestigious organization.

These women with their courage and mindfulness, shown that, if they can be great writers, voracious readers, lovely housewives, great rulers, they can become even great at science and research related to space.

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