The Essence of Celebrating Womanhood in India!!

Once Gandhi Ji said that, a woman is not less than a male in any aspect; be it her mental strength or her intellectual strength or her spiritual strength, she has the potential to work actively in every sphere of the life! Be it Sita in Ramayana or the Rani Lakshami Bai of Jhasi, each of these women have made remarkable changes to the society. In a country like India where woman have been put to various atrocities inside and outside the household, there have been men like Rama Krishna Paramhans also who have worshipped their wives. Woman, in India, though had been from ancient times, given the position of Goddess, with each passing year the respect gradually took the form of various types of atrocities against women. Article 14 of the constitution of India gives equal right to women in par with men.

  • India has acted at the front and found ways to ratify international covenants and UN conventions like Beijing Platform for Action and CEDAW (Convention for elimination of all forms of discrimination against women).
  • Around the world, India is only one such country where women are worshipped as Shakti, the Goddess of strength, Saraswathy, the Goddess of knowledge, Lakshami, the Goddess of prosperity.
  • There is no other country in the world where womanhood is considered so pure. As per the Hindu Mythology, a man’s woman is considered to occupy his 50%, physical, mental and spiritual space. Lord Shiva has shown this in his Arthnareeswarar form.
  • There have been many women in history and in present in India who have made their foot print. Some of those women are:
  • Auvaiyar, Annie Besent: The first female president of Indian national Congress.
  • Nevedita, Vijayalakshmi Pandit: First woman to be the President of UN General Assembly.
  • Pratibha Patil first: first female President of India.

Besides this, some other woman to have been taken India to great heights include, Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Kalpana Chawa, Geeta Phogat, Sarojini Naidu, Indra Nooyi and many more. Woman in India have proved themselves in every field; be it the corporate sector or the technical or the politics. Woman’s contribution to the society has always been precious, for they have the power to take a work forward successfully to completion.

Women in the modern world are playing a significant role in the society and have even challenged men at various occasions. The role she has been playing both at workplace and at the household, her courage to successfully build her family and simultaneously help in the development of the society is tremendous. In almost every walk of life women have been rising over their conventional roles and started walking shoulder to shoulder with men.

International woman’s day, is celebrated with fervor and gusto just like in various other parts of the world, to celebrate the motherly, gentle, beautiful yet powerful character of a woman. It’s obvious that, if she keeps on contributing to the society in the similar manner, even in the country like India, the menace of women exploitation which has been holding back the progress as whole will be eradicated soon!

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Women’s Day: History That Gave Her Courage to Act!

International women’s Day is the time when women from around the world come together, irrespective of the cultural, national, ethical, Political and economical differences, raising their voice against many issues faced by women. Around the world this day is celebrate as a symbol of the achievements made by women throughout history. It’s a way of saying to many aspiring women with zeal to do something unique, to break the boundaries and come forward. IWD was born first during the protest from women working group in North America.

Since then this day has been holding a special significance as a global platform in many developing and developed countries to fight the atrocities against women. This movement for women’s right grew with each passing year and strengthened the support base for the fight for women’s rights. Here’s how it took a form of a revolution:

The Chronological order of the Inception of International Women’s Day:

1909:  Women’s Day was first observed on 28th February in the United States. That time this day was designated in 1908, for the workers of the garment factory who protested against the poor working conditions of women.

1910: In order to support the revolution and give boost to the pathetic condition of women in various areas, the day was renamed as International Women’s day at the Socialist meeting of Copenhagen. This was done to spread awareness to fight the Universal Suffrage of women. Around 100 women from 17 countries welcomed the move. In the same year the parliament of Finland elected three women to three honored positions.

1911: Millions of men and women took part in the rallies and was thus observed on 19th of March in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark. These women demanded to end discrimination of women at work place, vocational training for them and voting rights for women.

1913-14: In addition to fighting for the right of women, this day also became a tool which acted against the idea of World War I. Russia observed women’s day on the last Sunday of February. In other parts of Europe, women took rallies to show their solidarity with the revolution or to protest the idea of war.

1917: They were granted the right to vote by the Government after the protest by women Bread and Peace on 8th of March which was the last Sunday of February.

1975: From this Year, United Nation’s also started celebrating international women’s Day on 8th of March.

1995: A Historical road map was signed by 189 nations from all around the world, which aimed at building a world where each women of the country will have the equal right to participate in the area of her choice without facing any exploitation. It focused on 12 key areas of concern including education, equality in income, participation in politics and alike.

From being called the queen of the kitchen to becoming the queen of the nation and finding her way to reach the heights of the moon, women have proved themselves in every sphere of the life since the inception of the International Women’s day. The day has indeed become symptomatic of women who have crossed all hurdles and earned success for herself. The United Nations has also over the Years helped women to achieve success in various fields with its technical expertise and ardent involvement.

Heart-Warming Wishes for Women’s Day!

International women’s day was initially called as International working women’s Day is celebrated with wholehearted zeal every year on 8th of March around the world. The official protest against women’s exploitation started in the year 1908 in New York with around 15000 women marching throughout the city demanding for ending child labor, better payment and voting rights for the women community. They were consequently closed in the factory where they were protesting in order to suppress their demands. The act resulted in death of 129 women as fire broke in the factory premises where these women were locked. Consequently, in the remembrance of this day, in 1910, International women’s day was established.

Since then this day has been being celebrated around the globe to celebrate and appreciate the velour of those handful of women particularly uprising one, to dare to alone change the long established ugly face of the world. Today, it has become a way of saying thank you to all those women in our life who have had immense contribution in showing the right kind of path. People on women’s day wish the ladies in their life with distinct kind of wishes. They send warm greetings and wishes to their mom, sisters, wives, girlfriends and female colleagues. Here are some really encouraging women’s day wishes and messages people can choose from:

For Mother

• You have the magic wand through which you fulfill all my wishes in no time! You are the free-flowing river of my life that travels the distance nobody could even think of carrying the entire burden on her shoulders and still reaching her destination in the simplest way.

• You are the one, who God has created to beautify the world! You have very perfectly played your part and spread happiness in everyone’s life. You became the mother and took the responsibility because you knew nobody else has that skill of swallowing the pain.

For Wife

• My dear wife, you have given me the life, I have always wanted! I look back and get scared the kind of life I was spending without you. You have made it all so beautiful! I look at you and look at the moon, he lightens up the world and you lighten up my world.

• You helped me be, what I am today! Nothing would have been as simple as it seems today, if you have not been there in my life. You were there when I cried, and coaxed me through those days. My world is incomplete without you.

For Girlfriend

• Your spirit alone has boosted me up through the bad days of my life. I wonder! How I made this angel in my life. You are the hope; the way you cope makes my heart fall for you ever day. Happy women’s Day!

The unfathomable strength that you possess is indubitably unexceptional on this earth. The life on this earth would have been so colorless without your small acts of innocence and without you lovely smile that makes hearts blossom.

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5 Most Inspiring Women Social Workers around the World

For each one of us the quality of life is how one wants to take life forward and the idea with which the person has lived all through his/her life. In the race of life, it’s amazing to look at the kind of life man has obtained for himself. It cannot be denied that one of the substantial contributor to this wonderful life, are the social workers. They have continuously worked for the betterment of the life of people around with their diligence. It is interesting to note that not only men but women, one of the disadvantaged beings of the society have equally contributed to the society. These female pioneers have made noticeable change to the ugly face of the society with their genuine enthusiastic endeavours.

Let’s take a look at five such female social workers who have set an example for the next many generations to come:

1. Arundhati Roy: An actress, author and a political activist, Arundhati Roy is well known name in India. She is best known for her book “The God of Small things”, which has received many awards. Her involvement in many human rights and environmental causes has earned for her name and fame. Her father was tea planter of Bengal whereas her mother was a Christian belonging to the Syrian descendant. She has fought against the inheritance laws of India and she successfully sued for the Christian woman’s rights to get the share of their father’s estate. She have had though her studies in the field of architect, she had more inclination towards writing. She was one of the campaigners against the great Narmada Dam project. Her inimitable advocacy for human rights had earned her the Lannan Cultural freedom Award in 2002 and the Sahitya Academy Award in 2006.

2. Tamara Grigsby: She is an active member of various organizations Woking for the upliftment of the downtrodden including the Milwaukee Child Welfare Partnership Council and the Wisconsin Women in Government Board. She is been working the political and public domain with her utmost commitment towards social work. Grigsby has completed her graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Howard University. She is particularly known for her tenure as the member of the Wisconsin State Assembly.

3. Medha Patkar: She is best known for her social works which has turned her to a politician. Medha was born in Mumbai and had keen interest in service of the people from a very early age. She was born to a trade union leader and having had experience with ups and downs of the life of the underprivileged she found a flame inside her to fight the issues and free them from these menaces. Her father had played an important role in the Independence movement of the country and her mother on the other hand was a member of an organization called as Swadar which was dedicated to working for the women who are financially weak. Medha herself had taken up a masters degree from Tata institute of Social science.

4. Manasi Pradhan: She has over the years for the rights of the women and for her outstanding work she has received Rani Lakshmibai Stree Shakti Puraskar. She had been born in a poor family and she had to travel 15 kms daily to school, which was the only school in the region. In her village she was believed to be the first woman to have got a degree in law. She has founded Nirbhaya Vahini and OYSS women. Besides that, she has also headed the nationwide campaign dedicated towards ending the menaces against women.

5. Jane Addams: She is one of the women that the world cannot forget about for her unwavering work done for the welfare of people. The famous Hull House was founded by Jane in Chicago for which she also received Nobel Prize in 1931. She is the only one who lived a part of her life with the poor so as to get a deep understanding of their life and work upon it. Besides that she also had made left her print by creating the Chicago school of civics and Philanthropy.

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Useful Gifting Ideas for Women’s day!

Life indeed would have looked incomplete had there not been there in our lives in the form of sisters, moms, wives and girlfriends. The support, care and affection they give us make them a special person in our life. We may also call them the architect of the society. Women’s day is about to arrive and we have yet another chance to show to each of the women in our life who has made us smile every time we felt down. Before you plan for women’s day gifts you must be clear on the taste and hobbies of your mother, sister or any other women for whom you are looking for gifts for women’s day.

Here are some innovative ideas for International women’s day gifts from which you can choose the one which best serve the purpose:

Gift ideas for Women's Day

  1. A movie or a Book that will empower her Soul: One of the best women’s day gifts for those who are voracious readers is adding an inspiring book to their book self. If the women you are gifting like reading books online then you may also order it online. Alternatively you may also gift them a DVD of some classic women-centric films like ‘Nine to Five’, ‘Elizabeth’, ‘A League of their own’ etc.

2. A baking kit- Handmade: Baking kit also form a part of delightful women’s day gifts. To encourage the women in your life to take up baking as a part of their hobby gift them a handmade baking kit. If you are good at painting then paint some cup cakes with various colours and arrange them in a baking tin. Include a fabric-painted apron and a cookbook. And gift it after covering it with cellophane.

3. Spa for the lady: If you are aware that for a long time she has not got time to relax then, you can book for her an exclusive spa package at a very famous spa. In that you would be able to make her feel pampered.

4. A Duffle Bag: This is one of the interesting gifts for women’s Day if the lady in your life loves to travel. This multipurpose duffle bag will serve various purposes while travelling and is a part of functional gifts. You may also couple the gift with a cosmetic pouch matching with the bag.

It is not necessary that women’s day gifts are expensive rather it needs to be a meaningful one. As per the occasion the gift should either serve a purpose or it should be such that it ignites inside a fire to move further crossing all the hurdles. It should be such that it touches the chords of a woman’s heart!



What is the Importance of Women’s day Celebration?

Women’s Day is celebrated around the world on 8th March to celebrate the existence of this matchless and most beautiful creation of the Lord. The importance of women’s day celebration lies in the fact that, this day gives all of us an opportunity to be thankful for the contribution made by women in the development in various areas of life. The word woman at an instant brings in our mind various images and various emotions including caring, loving and nurturing image.

Defining women is not easy as it includes various facets. It goes a full circle within a woman’s heart there is a hidden and deep power to transform, nurture and create whatever she wants. Knowing the emotions of woman completely is really a mystery and one needs a lot of doggedness and information. A woman’s life is in itself an epitome of sacrifice, love and care who has the ability to foster life. And so, the significance of women’s day can be linked to her unfathomable power to give life to the life of one who comes in her life.

importance of women’s day

The power of a woman is such that given that she has to choose between saving an infant’s life and catching a fly ball she will choose to save the life of the infant without even giving it second thought. She is powerful she is strong she nurtures life and fills the life with vibrant colours. Without any difficulty she can play various roles including an obedient daughter, a dutiful wife and a caring mother or a sister. And therefore the importance of women’s day cannot have more reasons to celebrate women and their existence.

Women in the Current time and Women Down the Ages!

Women’s Day significance can be explained in a way that women in almost all parts of the world were not given the due respect and yet it went unnoticed. Although they have all the power to turn the wind from ages but they were not given the chance to move through the wind. But eventually with their valour and courage they fought their way out crossing all the odd circumstances. There is assortment of example to narrate the story of the courage of women, some of which include Hellen Keller, Indira Gandhi, lakshmi Bai and many more.


The Era of Amma Reverberates the story of a Powerful Women leadership!

She may have been politically incorrect or may have acted erroneously at times but her story right from her struggling days is an inspiration for many emerging women leaders across the globe. Her courage has proved that nothing is impossible not even the gender you belong to, when you are determined to face the hurdles with audacity!


She has been ruling the hearts of many Indians, be it on the screen or from the arena of politics. After saying goodbye to the silver screen, she continued capturing the hearts as Amma, the chief minister of Tamilnadu. It is believed that, she is the only women who had made men prostrate at her feet.

Battling for life, after a heart attack, Jayalalithaa called as Amma by her supporters, left the people of the country in great turmoil and mourning, when it was announced that she is no more, on the night of 5th Dec 2016. Let’s throw light on her struggle and her triumph over all the obstacles:

Her Childhood Struggle and the Silver Screen

The tragedy in her life started at an early age of two, when her father left her all alone! She was born on 24th February, 1948 in Mandya located near Mysuru. Soon after the death of her father she moved to Bangalore to study, where she studied for a brief time period. Thereafter, she moved to Chennai along with her mother, Vedavalli and brother in search of a better living. She was a painstaking student and was well-versed in many languages like English, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. She was trained in various dance forms including Kathak and Bharatanatyam.

She later began her film career in 1960s after acting as child artist in many films and acted in more than 140 films. An extra ‘a’ was added to her name, Jayalalitha, for numerological reasons.

Jayalalithaa and her Connections with MGR  

It is believed that, MG Ramachandran ( MGR ) who was also her co-actor was responsible for bringing her into politics. Soon after the death of MGR, she got into her shoes and was proclaimed as his heir.

She became a part of AIADMK in 1982, a party started by MGR. She then became the chief minister of the state in 1991, and thus created a place for herself as the second female woman CM of the state after, Janaki, widow of MGR. She lost the election fought in 1996 on the ground of corruption charges. But she was soon able to get her position back in 2001 polls. Jayalalithaa reined the state as the CM thrice in whole of her era which include, 1991-1996, 2001-2006, and 2011-2016. Even after being convicted for TANSI and Pleasant Stay hotel case, she came to power in 2011.

Amma is considered to be one of the strongest and powerful women in the Indian politics. She is an inspiring figure for many women who are fighting to show their abilities in a country like India, where, even after long years of independence, female find themselves trapped in the shackles of many prejudices and fake traditional values which has nothing to do with the progress of mankind!

Amma’s great story has already find a place for itself in the coming Women’s day messages and women’s day speeches, which will keep on encouraging women around the world to come forward and show the world that, if they can act as Sita, nothing will stop them from taking the form of Durga, when required.



Throwing Light on the Achievements of Some of the Most Powerful Women in the World!

Today, from entertainment to politics a large number of women have set their feet in their relevant fields. The growing number of women in power is giving a positive sign of growth of the world. We all know that if you educate women, you educate the whole family, in the similar manner; these women are becoming a symbol of a brighter future. I am going to give a brief story of some of the most powerful women in the world compiled on some basic parameters like media exposure and money that will surely inspire your life.

Most Powerful Women in the World

1. Sonia Gandhi

She is the leader of the United Progressive Alliance and President of the party Indian National Congress. She could have been the Prime minister of the country during the previous UPA regimen but surprisingly she turned down the offer, retaining her position as the president of her party. Although she has never been the Prime minister of the country still she is considered to be one of the most influential women of the world keeping her past records and the struggles. Despite the fact that she does not belong to India and she was born in Italy and completed her education from the UK, carried forward the responsibility so well. She immigrated to India after marrying Rajiv Gandhi who served as the Prime m minister of the country from 1984-1989 and got assassinated in 1991. And with her determination she had proved that you can grow and flourish overcoming all the prejudices of religion, gender or ethnicity.

2. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie apart from being a star entertainer also has played one of the most influential roles as a UN Goodwill Ambassador for refugees around the world. She is living example of utilizing her power which she has gained from Hollywood to draw the attention of people to help those in need. She is not only helping those in need but is also encouraging people to come up with their helping hand.

She got herself involved in these humanitarian acts only after witnessing the poverty Cambodia as a result of the effects of the war, while she was shooting for Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. After that incident she got in touch with the UN to know more about the poor and war affected areas. Meanwhile she made several trips to nations in Africa and Asia to explore more about the menace. Gradually her involvement augmented and she was named as the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador by the UN, hoping that she has the power and zeal to bridge that gap between the poor and the rich.

3. JK Rowling

JK Rowling is considered to be one of the most influential British authors and novelist better known for her Harry Potter series which is believed to have sold more than 400 copies. Besides her literary work she has been actively working actively to fight social inequality and poverty all over the world. She started writing the Harry Potter series taking inspiration from real life events in her life which include death of her mother and her struggling school days. Her 7 book series has become most much-loved and successful books in the world. She is the first person to become a billionaire just from writing books.

These are few of those most powerful women in the world who have made difference to the society and proved that a woman has the power to change the world with her disposition and love in her heart.

Women’s Day Celebration –




Story of Some Valiant Women Currently Leading Offices around the World!

Women around the world with their valour have proved that they can be better leaders than their male counterparts. There have been many women in the past and currently in scenario, who have come forward even after facing the taboos of the world regarding a woman’s abilities. Let’s throw light on few of them who have set examples for the future generation:

Women Leading Offices around the World

1. Angela Merkel, Chancellor, Germany

Angela Merkel better known as the first female Chancellor of Germany is also considered to have played an important role in the formation of the European Union. She is also known with the name Angela Dorothea Kasner was born on 17th July, 1954 in Hamburg, West Germany. She was born to Lutheran Pastor, a teacher by profession. Angela was brought up in a rural area of Berlin North which was then called German Democratic Republic. At the University of Leipzig she studied physics and also earned doctorate degree in 1978. Later she worked as a chemist at the Central Institute for Physical Chemistry.

She has a professional training as a physicist and her participation in politics started only in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Gradually she became the chairwoman of the Christina Democratic Union party and finally the first female chancellor of Germany. Besides, she also played a crucial role as one of the leaders of the European Union after the 2005 national elections.

2. Sheikh Hasina Wazed, Prime Minister, Bangladesh

Sheikh Hasina was born on 28th September, 1947 amidst an atmosphere of violence and mayhem. Her father, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman the first president of Bangladesh had played a significant role in the separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan. While she was pursuing her studies at the University of Dhaka, she also worked as a close political associate to her father when he was imprisoned. She faced a big setback in her life when her father, mother and three of her brothers were killed on 15th of August 1975 by some military officers. Consequently she lived into exile for proceeding six years.

She emerged as a strong campaigner of democracy after returning from the exile in 1981. As a result she became the Awami Legue Party in February that year. For her strong and bold opinions she was further arrested and imprisoned. Finally on June 23rd, 1996 she got elected as the second female Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

3. Bidhya Devi Bhandari, President, Nepal

Bidhya Devi born in a family of Brahmins in Bhojapur district in Guranse village in 1961, she put her feet into the politics as a student in 1979. Further she became the member of CPN and fought from the Morgan district against party-less Panchayat system.

Bidhya fell in love with the most iconic communist party leader Madan Bhndari and they tied the knot in 1982. From her marriage she has two daughters. Her husband mysteriously died in 1993 as a result she once again began her career in politics after a long gap to look after her family and children.

Recently in 2015, as a result of her courage and hard work, she was elected as the first female and second President of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal defeating Nepali Congress veteran leader Kul Bahadur Gurung.

These are only the few names who have proved that gender is not a hurdle if you have enough determination!


International Women’s Day: Celebrating Stories of Her Achievements and Courage

Women have always been considered to be one of the mysterious of the entire God’s creation. A woman in all forms has been considered to be an epitome of affection and love be it a mother, a wife, a sister or a friend. She is so much full of energy and love that her presence purifies the air around.

International Women Day

Women have been coming forwarding to fight against various political, social and economic menaces of the society from ages but their achievements have not been given that recognition and encouragement which they really deserve. So, in order to recognize their achievements a day marking the day of their appreciation and courage, started being observed every year on 8th of March. This day has been called as International women’s day which came in to picture in 1900’s, a time which witnessed the rise of some deep rooted ideologies and growth in industrialization.

How and when it came into picture?

International Women’s day is celebrated globally which in addition to celebrating the achievements of women, calls for the gender parity. Many international organizations announce theme of this day which reverberates some special agenda relating to the society.

Though, it has not be known that when exactly IWD got started but it can be given a rough idea that it got started in 1908 when around 15000 women came on the streets demanding the right to vote, better pay and shorter working hours. As a result, in the following year National women’s day was celebrated in the US on February 28, as per the declaration made by the socialist party of America. Later in 1911, many of the countries like, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark celebrated Women’s day on March 19.

The leader of the women’s office for the Social democratic Party of Germany, Clara Zetkin in 1910 put forward the idea of celebrating a single Woman’s day internationally to encourage more and more women to come forward to fight for the menaces against them floating in the society for ages. This resulted in the formation of ICW, after a detailed meeting on the issue was conducted in which more than 100 women from 17 countries participated and agreed on Ms. Clara’ s suggestion.

It was first celebrated in 1911 on 19 March in Germany, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland. Later in 1913, the members decided to celebrate it on 8th of March every year. It started creating a theme every year after it got recognized by the United Nations in 1975.

Very recently in 2016 we celebrated 105th anniversary of IWD. Barack Obama the president of the US declared March as the “Women’s History Month” in 2011.

Some of the women who have been given us their wings to fly with their extraordinary achievements:

1. Amelia Earhart

She was the first women who found the courage to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean. This act of hers inspired a mass of women with the courage she shown and gave them the much need boost to be brave enough to do what they want to do. Furthermore she had planned to fly all across the world but unfortunately her plane disappeared and she was not able to fulfill her aspirations, but till now her story inspires women.

2. Aung San Suu Kyi

She is a native of Burma who fought her battle alone with utmost bravery. Even after being a political prisoner for about twenty years she maintained dignity so much so that the world started criticizing the Government under which she was made captive. As a result she was released in 2010 for her pure personality and was made the leader of the country. Much like Nelson Mandela she has shown to the world that there is no force in this world which can keep you away from your goals provided you have a healthy and never ending relationship with it.

3. Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa as the name she was decorated with suggests the kind of work she did for the people. This Godly figure was a living example of kindness and affection. She dedicates her entire life the good of the poor and the downtrodden. She was the head of the group of nuns India. Her endeavour has change the outlook of many of the people. Today the world seems to be a better place to live because she was born right here on this planet.