Top 6 Qualities women that can contribute to the development of any nation

Women are actually the pillar of the society who fills the world with colours, love and compassion. Life looks so dull and lifeless if we imagine it without women. There are uncountable qualities of women that are rarely found in any living creature on this earth. Even the men who boast of being the boss, both at the workplace and the home cannot testify to possess these qualities. Women are actually the pillar of the society who fills the world with colours, love and compassion. Life looks so dull and lifeless if we imagine it without women. There are uncountable qualities of women that are rarely found in any living creature on this earth. Even the men who boast of being the boss, both at the workplace and the home cannot testify to possess these qualities.

Be it the home or the workplace we can make the great use of these qualities that will contribute greatly to the development of the nation. From time immemorial women have been suppressed and have not been given the opportunity to showcase their real worth. Here we are going to discuss some of the astonishing qualities of women that make such a positive difference in the society. Here it goes……

1. They are more patient

At every stage of life weather its home or the workplace there are times in a human’s life when things do not work as planned and we feel like quitting. But Unlike men, women are more patient and they can endure every other situation that are against and wait patiently for the results. If women are given an opportunity to use this skill they can contribute to a large extent for the betterment of the society. Woman like J.K Rowling and Phogat Sisters have truly proved this fact.

2. Women are more powerful from inside

Nevertheless women are not that good with the physical strength but they are really good when it comes to the inner strength that is very important at every stage of life. Men easily feel devastated and with no clue of the future when they have to face a situation which is not in their favour. And, that is why God has created a woman by the side of every man so as to guide them.

3. They can be great managers

It is the woman who manages the home with so much love and so much dedication without affecting anything else. The home looks in such a bad condition if the woman of the house is not there to look after the household. If she can manage the home so beautifully, why she can’t be given the chance to manage other things at the workplace?

4. Women can analyse things quite meticulously

God has given women the power to analyse things meticulously and understand each and every aspect very carefully. We need to together come forward and give them the chance to speak up their minds and the change would be seen all around without any doubt. There have been women in the past like kalpana Chawala who are testimony to the fact.

5. A woman will never give up easily

It’s amazing that a woman is considered the weakest and seen with a disrespectful eyes from time immemorial but she is the one who has the attitude of never giving up and holding on to her way of life as long as she lives. Men often get agitated and feel like giving up but it is a woman who will never say no to her idea of life.

6. They are more compassionate

Love and compassion are the words that can move the heaviest of the rock all on its own. No matter what, nothing can take the place of compassion!! There have been women like mother Terasa and Sushmita Sen who have with the power of their love and compassion have shown to the world that happiness is in making others happy without any selfish motive. And, having applied this quality in the area of their work they can produce great results.

So these are some of the qualities that differentiate men from women and can create great result if women are given chance to participate in the affairs of the world. They are not the weakest but the strongest being on this earth. If she has the power to give birth and take good care of her family and the child then she also has the power to stand tall as the administrator of the country sing the song of the development of the nation without fearing for anything.

Give her the power she will give you the strength!!

The Future of the World with a positive approach Towards Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment is in itself an empowering issue and it is equally a vast one!! Unless and until we can see an equal number of men and women everywhere and in every field it is not going to be a world speeding its growth with empowered women.

It’s not just the words that are testimony that women are the foundations of the society if men are the pillars, but there are uncountable deeds of women that make the statement a truth.

It is very tough to identify any single reason why empowerment would contribute single handily to the development of the world. Here we have a jotted down a few of those advantages that future will see with the increasing awareness in the field of Women empowerment. Here we go…

1. Children would be more aware and sensible towards choosing a better life

No matter what, it is only the mother from whom children learn their first lesson. And, so a mother would be confident, learned, educated she would be in the better position to teach her children the sense of living sensibly in the society. Therefore, children will learn the better ways of life both at the workplace and at home.

2. There would more hands to work on issues that the World is grappling with

Only a small chunk of total women population of the world will actually be working while most of them stay at home and look after the family which should be infant the job of both the male and the female. Imagine the egalitarian society where both male and female work hand in hand to tackle various issues the world is grappling with.

3. There would be better minds to look after the management

It is a proven fact that women are managers than men!! If they can manage their homes so beautifully then why can’t they be great managers at the workplace. Given they are in any type of work, women can manage it all very well. There are women in the present scenario in various fields, like Priyanka Chopra, Arundhati Roy, Sushma Swaraj and various others who are proving the fact very well.

4. There would not be any kind of Discrimination

If the women are empowered enough to fight for the equal right that they are fundamentally entitled to, then there won’t be a need to fight for the equality of women. The right to Equality will be Preserved and better implemented and the society will get better and empowered minds to work for the betterment of the world.

5. We will get to have a more Civilised Society

A civilised society is the pillar to the growth of any nation!! And, with the empowerment of women, we can have better chances for the growth of a civilised society. This will in turn help the world with a coherent and flourishing society. Be it any field, women will get an opportunity to participate and contribute towards the development of the world.

So, these are only a few of the future implications of women empowerment that will genuinely help in the growth of the world. Women empowerment should be the key issue of every country because it is indubitably a very important topic. Though, in the last few decades the world has fought many of the atrocities implicated upon wont to empower them, we still have to go a miles to achieving a better and civilized world with more and more women coming at the forefront.

Civil Services day, 21st April: Highlighting the incredible Achievements of Women Officers

The month of April with a date dedicated to civil services compels people to think about the contribution the civil servants make to the society. And, when talking about those atrocious women who dare to fight against the gigantic perennial gender inequality, we cannot forget to mention some names. It is an accepted notion that the bureaucratic system is not a woman’s cup of tea and only the male have the intelligence enough to set them up into the arena. But, the unfathomable courage to fight against whatever is not justifiable has proved that her excellence is incomparable.

There have been some exemplary women out there who have fought gender inequality with a dream to conquer their dream.

In various cases you may have felt being trapped into the ill practices of some corrupt civil servants. These officers work passively and become a part of the corrupt system which they are supposed to fight but the fact that none of them are women makes us to celebrate womanhood. Moreover, there are many of the women officers who have broken this trap of being trapped into the trap of corrupt politicians. The tribulation of women officers trying to work honestly doing justice to her job in the patriarchal kind of the bureaucratic set up, has been unbearably frustrating. But, she has been able to do justice to the justice she was fighting for.

Here we have compiled a list of women officers in the bureaucratic set up to throw light on their courage to take up the task:

1. Rajni Shekri Sibal:-

This courageous IAS officer of the Haryana cadre has played a key role in exposing those involved in the JBT scam which was related to junior basic training for teachers.  This exposure had resulted in convicting 55 persons, which included some high profile people including the CM of Haryana, Om Prakash Chautala and also his son Ajay Chautala. She did not come under the political pressure to change the result of her investigation which led to her transfer. In order that, the results did not get tempered by some unwanted elements, she wrapped the almirah containing the results, with bandages and a 4 metre long cloth. And the keys of the almirah were sealed in an envelope. Her courageous approach busted the group behind the scam.

2. Sanjukta Parshar:-

She was an outspoken and blunt police officer who was a fear for all the Bodo militants. While she was serving her tenure in North East India in the Sonitpur district as the Superintendent of Police, she arrested around 64 militant, took down 16 and also seized a large amount of arms and ammunitions. She chose the police force, even thought she has got 85th rank in All India ranking in UPSC.

3. Durga Shakti Nagpal:-

She was selected from the civil services exam after securing 20th rank in the Punjab cadre. In her very first project while she was working as a trainee IAS officer, she fought with the land scam of Mohali.  Consequently, she gained national attention for exposing the sand mafia. Besides that, she formed an investigation team in order to go to the roots of illegal sand mining on the Hindon and Yamuna river banks.

4. Mugdha Sinha:-

She was the IAS officer of the Rajasthan cadre, 1999 batch. Under her tenure she launched a crackdown in Ajmer district related to the illegal mining. It led to her transfer within four months of her being inducted into the team. But her determination to work for the good of the common man did not end there. Many, student, farmers and traders came out in her support. Currently, she is serving as the collector of Jhunjhunu distrt.

5. Ira Singhal:-

Not only, being a woman, is a point to celebrate in case of Ira Singhal. There are other reasons too! She is one of a differently abled woman who in 2014 topped the Civil Services Exams and she fought a long battle to get to the place where she is today. She is suffering from a medical condition called Scoliosis in which there is a deviation in the spine. She was rejected initially for her physical condition and could only get what she deserves after she won the case; she had filed in the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT). But that took 4 long years.

Educating women, Educating the World!!

What comes to your mind, when I say women education? Is it the education that is associated with curriculum, the one which we get in school and colleges? You are right indeed!! But to add on to it, we must also know that, education does not necessarily mean getting acquainted with the knowledge that we get from the books we are provided with. It’s a symbol of making oneself independent; independent in our thoughts, our idea, and independent to take your own decisions. If somebody claims that he/she is in favour of sending girls to educational institutions and he will never advocate the idea of women going out all alone independently and doing what her heart says, than to be very frank that person is not less guilty than the one who is against sending girls to schools and colleges.

Educations mean an overall development!! We must embark on a journey to an all round development of women. It has to be both in the area of literary and non-literary education 2which include everything from, healthcare to the profession to technical education to vocational education and many more. It has to be concerned with improving skills and knowledge of women in every field so that, she no more has to depend on others for her work to get accomplished; not in any respect.


Now, primary education has been listed under the fundamental right and the day women of the world get educated on their fundamental right to primary education, nothing can stop the society at large to grow and flourish at an extraordinary pace. Probably, the world is waking up from the deep sleep it has been in for last many years and many Government and Non-Government organizations are taking pain to spread awareness on women education. If the change keeps on taking shape in a positive direction the way it is doping now, the real change for the good of the society will soon be manifested. Here’s how educating women can incredulously change the face of the society:


It’s quite true that women who are uneducated are more vulnerable to human trafficking and they get trapped more easily as per a data released by An Inter-Agency project of United Nations on human trafficking. Women education can significantly contribute to reducing the $32 billion human trafficking industry. And that will in turn significantly contribute to making the world a beautiful place for all us to live together.


Educating women also enables them to be financially independent and to independently take up her expenses on her own. In that way she does not have to live under the burden of taking anyone’s favours. A study by UNESCO has revealed that one year of increase in the primary education results in enhancing the wage of a girl by 20%.


It is of paramount importance to educate women so as to fight the long lying problem of poverty. With education women become able to earn and contribute to their family’s expenses and so to the society. No much economic and social change can occur without educating women. If women get educated she can educate the whole family and thus make them able to contribute to the society.

Though, till the mid of the nineteenth century, parents only took interest in educating girls in the household work but with changing time, the change in the thinking has tremendously got effected and parents have become more aware of educating their children irrespective of the gender. Women education should be related to making them aware of taking care of their social, civil, economic and political rights. This will in turn improve the condition of women in society.

Story of the Phogat Sisters: The Courage that Encouraged Woman!!

An inspiration for many out there!! The story of the Phogat sisters, who have, with their velour proved to the world that nothing can diminish your potential, a woman, who,  in general believed to have feeble physical stature can even fight into the wrestling ring and can win against the male. One thing the story of this great family who took all the shit of the people to encourage women to be a part of something like wrestling which is generally not considered a women’s cup of tea is that, it is we, the society as a whole who can instill a sense of faith in their minds and make them achieve what they would not have ever imagined. In case of Geeta Phogat or the Phogat sisters, their parents or their father mahavir Singh Phogat who, without listening to people’s discourse of keeping their daughters go with the long standing rule of women looking after the affairs of the family and kitchen. He gave us all an inspiration to help women by being bullish to the potential of women and show up their real potential.


In a place like Haryana in India, girls hardly think of competing with men in the wrestling ring. Their parents have the biggest dream of getting their daughters married as soon as possible and get free from the responsibility. Nevertheless, as said, exceptions always exit who transform the face of the society with their velour. One such example is the story of the Phogat sisters who have proved that there is nothing like hardship and bad luck, if you are disciplined and are following your dreams honestly. Phogat sisters hail from Haryana, India and all six sisters Geeta, Babita, Priyanka, Ritu, Vineshhave and sangita excelled in wrestling. Vinesh and Priyanka are the daughters of Mahavir Singh Phogat’s brother who died in a family feud, after which Mahavir Singh Phogat took care of them. Geeta, Babita, Ritu, Vineshhave are the daughters of Mahavir Singh himself. It was he, who realised that, wrestling is there blood, doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl, he will train them and take up his dream of winning a Gold medal for India which he could not win because of the circumstance.

Their success has particularly drawn attention from across the country, for Haryana being such a place where the social issues like gender inequality, female foeticide and child marriage is prevalent. Whereas, three sisters, Geeta, Babita and Vinesh are Gold medallist of the commonwealth games in different weight categories, Priyanka, Ritu and Sangita have won silver medal at the Asian Championships, gold medallist at National Championships and age-level international championships respectively.


Mahavir, who belong to Balali village in Bhiwani district, adroitly took up all the abhorrent comments of the villagers, showing up belief in his daughters and thus believing in his dreams. He enamoured serendipity for the village to their daughters to him, to his family by sticking to what he believed in!  With a pervasive belief in the power of women, he showed that, women are not only competent enough to work towards their own dreams but they can become “harbinger of hope”, for fulfilling the dreams of many out there.

He got inspiration, to get his daughters involved in sports like wrestling, when in 2000, Karnam Malleswari from India, won the first Olympic medal in wrestling. His inspiration come from, the idea of his own coach, Chandgi Ram, who even in worst circumstances made his daughter to learn wrestling. Though, at times his wife, Daya Shobha Kaur would be worried for his daughters, and about their marriage, that who will marry her Pehelwan daughters. But that thought was not enough to wobble his faith. He did not even care, about people, that by bringing his daughters into wrestling, he is making the village become a sham for the country.

The Jaw-Dropping Velor of Women in ISRO!!

Many of the self-made women of India, on various occasions have proved that success does not call for looking at the gender you belong to, be it any circumstances of life! They give us the chance to celebrate the velour of women and celebrate the inclusive existence of the society as a whole. ISRO, the Indian Space Research Organization, recently launched record breaking 104 satellites, all in one go, which has yet again let us take a glimpse of the women of strength and show up their strength.

Just after setting after the world record these women, came into lime light to show that there is nothing that women cannot do! Be it any field, the science or any other, she can be the best in any and every field she embarks on! Finally, with their strength they have earned a lot of applause. While some of them came into the limelight during the launch of the Mangalyaan, while some of them have left their imprint with the launch of the record breaking 104 satellites in one go.

Here is the story of some of the women in ISRO who even after hailing from a country like India where even after modernization has taken up a gigantic form, women have to struggle to work towards their dreams.


She is a system engineer at ISRO, who while working on the India’s mission to Mars back in 2014, worked for almost 18 hours per day, in a windowless room. She worked with the great team, most of which are male and still had left her imprint with her great contribution. She understood the discipline of working as a team to work in coherence to meet the deadline of the project. During the whole period of the mission, Sampatha along with the other team members have abstained themselves from taking any off from the work. She has made us understood that, not even space can exist without getting to be connected to woman.


She was amazed at the, Chandrayaan 1, India’s first lunar probe, when she was reading about it in the Anandabazar patrika while she was at her home town in Kolkata. She was fascinated by the job and was of the idea that the people who have got the opportunity to be a part of the mission are indubitably lucky. That time she never knew that, one day she will be the part of ISRO. It was in 2015 that she became a part of the ISRO and was inducted as the one of the scientists at ISRO. She became the part of the team which was working on the MOS (Mars Orbiter Mission). These days she has made us all proud and inspired many by leading the team which is currently working in the direction of making progress in optical sciences which is going to be a part of the “Make in India Initiative”.


She was the extraordinary girl with extraordinary desires, who got ensnared with the scene of Neil Armstrong, walking about the grounds of women. And that was the time when she decided that she is going to become a scientist. Through this act of hers she had proved that, if walk on the path your inner self is asking you to walk, then no matter you are a male or a female you will definitely win. Her childhood dream has led her to become the most senior women officer of ISRO. She has set an example for all those women, who are aspiring to become a part of this prestigious organization.

These women with their courage and mindfulness, shown that, if they can be great writers, voracious readers, lovely housewives, great rulers, they can become even great at science and research related to space.

Women’s day: Aspires, Desires and Then She Inspires!

Women’s day history dates back to 19th century which blossomed amidst the women’s Rights Movement. Quite a few countries took part in the movement and the celebration when it started but today it has taken a form of a revolution around the world. 8th march has gradually become a day of empowering women in every sphere of life! There have been women in the history who have proved their worth even under worst circumstances. Besides that, we have ye some of them living in the age and spreading their light of faith. To make this women’s day a tool to inspire the world, we have compiled a list of some the living women legends across the globe.

Here is the list of the tale of some of the audacious women who have triumphed over the fear of failure in the patriarchal society that has existed for last many years:


She is one girl with courage of millions!! She is one such protagonist who at an early age of 11 spread the message of educating women for the good of the society. She fought for it fearlessly and after many hardships climbed the peak of path where she always wanted to be. One of her statements has a lot to say, she said once, “One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world. When she was 11 years old, she started her own blog with an unidentifiable name about the kind of life under the Taliban rule for BBC and became an advocator of women’s rights. Later on her identity came into light and she was appreciated by the world bodies while she raised her voice valiantly against Taliban for the right to education for girls. This lead to making Taliban furious towards her and she was shot at the age of 15 while she was traveling to her school. Though she had serious injuries, her faith helped recover all those! Later at 16, she mesmerized millions across the globe with her out-of-the-world speech at the United States. She was also awarded with the youngest receiver of the Noble prize at a young age of 17. The idea is to teach every girl/women, whosoever goes through the blog that, if you have an idea, a belief, a principle in life, irrespective of the gender, the age , the place you belong to you can change the face of the world. That’s the only truth; everything else is just the creation of our mind.


She lives on the principle that “it is impossible to live without failing at something, until you live so cautiously that you have not lived at all- in which case, you fail by default”. She has gone through the hell to reach, where she is today. While she embarked on the journey of writing the first book in the Harry potter series, she was lived on the state benefits who were a single mother. And it was just the game changer, the Harry Potter series, after which within merely a time span of four years, she became a multimillionaire. Around 400 million of copies of her book were sold. Now she has became the only person to have acquired such an overwhelming amount of wealth just by writing books. Bedsides changing her own fortune, she has also vowed to take as many as people with her as she can! Her indomitable strength has led her to where she is today. She runs an NGO named as Gingerbread which runs to help parents who are single by taking care of the children by helping them in educations and getting job opportunities.

It’s just that we could mention only two names, though there are many of them who have shun the exploitation of the world and showed faith in their feminist power to instill the spirit of winning in the entire women community. These two examples definitely throw light on the idea that, even in the worst of the circumstances, the possibility of not wining can be defeated with firm faith in the idea you believe in!!
Ladies, Let’s Fight back the Fighters of Your belief!!!!!!!

Know About – Women’s day history

International Women’s Day: A Celebration of Honoring the Little Acts of Women

Imagine the life without your sister, mother, girlfriend, and wife!! Isn’t that feels horrible to even imagine? Yes, life would not have been that colorful without the presence of these beautiful ladies. None of us can even utter not to have been obliged to the love and support of one or many ladies in their life. A woman in the form of a mother made for us delicious food and soups when we most needed it, the sister who guided us on how to get dressed up while going for the first date, the wives who helped to make balance between the family and the career;  woman in every form helps us to grow and flourish. Be it the celebration of women’s day in USA or women’s Day in India it is celebrated with the same goal of raising awareness about the straggles that the women have gone through and to honour their achievements in various fields.

International women’s day is all about telling these lovely ladies in our lives that how much we love, care and respect. This day is particularly celebrated with great zeal in those parts of the world where there still exists a huge gap between the male and female sections of the society. To inculcate a feeling of combating this menace of the society, International women’s day is observed with great fervor.

Women’s day is celebrated to honour womanhood by highlighting the milestone achievements, history of women’s day and to spread awareness about the rights of woman. Women’s day is celebrated in various parts of the world in different ways as per the intensity of the issues faced by the women of the country. It may be celebrated around the world with the aim of making people understand the contribution of woman to the society, yet the women’s day in USA has yet not received that attention like women’s day in India and women’s Day in Canada. All that a woman does may not be huge achievements but they are the game

changers that have brought about positive changes in the society. There are small piece of tasks that a woman do on the daily basis from coaxing the crying toddler to making meals for you to explaining meticulously the particulars of a new clients to the boss. It may sound trivial to many but these tasks are something which makes every big thing in our life. So, no one should take it for granted, the work she does every day. On women’s day each one of try to show our gratitude to these ladies of our life; Even a little thank you will lift the spirit of a woman who not only manages things at work, she manages her household in the best possible way. Empowering the spirit of woman is essential for the inclusive growth of the society as a whole. Empowered woman are more capable of fulfilling their dreams and contributing to the society to their full potential. Some of the tools to empowering woman include getting them well equipped with education, allowing them to get involved in the community, encouraging them to get financially independent, helping them get acquainted with their democratic rights and many more.

One of the motives of the International women’s day was promoting an open discussion on how to instigate women to understand their potential and celebrate their prolonged struggle for a successful life. Women’s day helps foster an optimistic change around the world by eliminating the gender gap. Across the globe events are organized and men and women come together advocating the idea of encouraging women to come forward and fight for themselves on their own.

Think a While and Let Her Shine!!

The Saga of International Women’s Day Celebration!

International woman’s day is celebrated on a global platform every year on 8th March. It is a day which came into being to rejoice the phenomenal power of woman, which she has shown in last few years. The day provides us opportunity to stand together and unite to fight for the atrocities faced by women around the globe. The 2030 global agenda Stands at eradicating the gap that exists between male and female in the society, which has been found to be the transformational force for a sustainable and inclusive growth. Since the inception of International woman’s Day, the agenda of gender parity has taken global form. Over the years it had given opportunity to woman to exploit the untapped power of woman which can be an important tool to wake up the society from the deep sleep it has been in.

Virtually, 41 years ago in 1945, UN first celebrated its first International woman’s day. The Charter of the United Nations, in 1945, with its approval became the first such agreement to avow the equality of women. Though, woman’s origin is not associated with United Nations, it is worldwide sponsored by the UN. The woman revolution goes back to late 1800’s and early 1900’s, when it grew from woman’s social movement to formation of woman trade unions gradually.

History Related to Woman’s Day

It was on 19 March 1911 when the first International day was observed. The trade unions of woman and socialists observed the women’s day on the last Sunday of February in 1908. The day has been celebrated since then annually focusing on helping women to participate equally in the development of the society and work at the forefront in realizing their individual dreams.

Origin of International Women’s Day (IWD)

International women day which came into being at the time when there was a great deal of turbulence in the society, inherited with it political revolution and a tradition that believed in protests and activism. A handful of women in from the beginning of the 20th century, in the preceding years of 1910, have started entering in the jobs that gave them opportunity to earn in some of the industrially developing countries. There existed a mammoth differentiation in the wages of men and women and the situation of women workers was miserable.

Gradually, women trade unions started budding, protesting the pathetic condition of women workers. The aggressive flame to fight could be realized from the fact that, besides the trade unions, some non unionised women groups came forward to shake up the system. With this, women gradually started coming out with various threats of the society, so as to make the earth a free place to live both for men as well as women. The comprehensive campaign for obtaining the right to vote for women throughout America, Europe, Britain and Australia has started and women started orchestrating various such issues.

First Women’s Day

It was in Austria, Denmark, Germany and a handful of other European countries where the first International women’s Day was observed on 19 March, 1911. On 1848, March 19, the King of Prussia had promised reforms in favour of women upon facing an armed uprising and so the date was chosen for celebrating women’s day. An uncountable number of leaflets were distributed all over in Germany calling for action in favour of the right of women. With this a strong moment began and the seed was sown in the minds of people to fight the menace.

Spreading the Message of Women’s audacity with International women’s day Theme!!

On 8th March, every Year the world celebrates International Women’s Day to create awareness about the various facets of atrocities women has been facing from last many years and what steps need to be taken to fight this unwanted part of the society. Since the inception of this really significant day in the calendar, people from every walk of life have become more aware about the significance of women’s role in the development of the society. For over 100 years women’s day has been celebrating economic, social, political and cultural achievement of women. This day advocates the idea of helping women to get equal participation in the developmental work of the society. It focuses on the fact that an inclusive growth is not possible without understanding the unfathomable potential of women.

To encourage this long standing revolution for women’s rights and make people understand the positive change that this rebellion can bring, every year the Government and various organizations devise methods. One of the steps that have been taken in this regard from last many years is the theme for women’s day. Every woman’s day is celebrated with a special theme focusing on the underlying issue of the period. The theme is so chosen which echoes the tale of most significant steps that need to be taken in the direction of improving the deteriorating condition of woman.

Woman’s day theme in 2016

“Pledge for parity”; this was theme for 2016 woman’s day celebration which tells the world to work diligently towards gender parity which has slowed down over few years in many parts of the world. The World Economic Forum (WEF), in 2014 had made a predication that the pace of improving the global gender parity will improve only after 2095. In the succeeding year, when the prediction was made, the WEF estimated that the already freezing pace of development of eradicating the gender parity will come to an end completely only after 2133.

The International woman’s day in 2016 aimed at encouraging the advocators of the fight for the woman’s rights, to come forward and take revolutionary steps which can enhance the pace of eradicating the gender parity by helping women reach to their goal, ending the biases that woman face at the work place and various other related issues. This is step is required to encourage and inclusive growth.

Here is the chronological list of some woman’s day themes that has been given to the celebration of the day:

2016- “Pledge For Parity”

2015- “Make It Happen”

2014- “Equality for Women is Progress for All”

2013- “A Promise is a Promise: Time for Action to End Violence Against Women”

2012- “Empower Rural Women, End Poverty and Hunger”.

2011- “Equal Access to Education, Training, and Science and Technology: Pathway to Decent Work for Women”.

The woman’s day theme for the upcoming woman’s Day celebration of 2017 will be “#BeBoldForChange”. Though, over the years the world has witnessed significant change in the perspective of women in various areas related to the dismal condition of women that has existed for last many years, it still need to be worked upon. Despite the long fought battle, inequalities in education, healthcare and several other fields still exist. The whole human community must unite and work towards improving the dismal state of women so as to make the world a better place to live and that should be the theme of our existence till the time this prevalent disease disappears completely.