J.K Rowling: Her Unfathomable courage to fight all Odds alone that came in her Way

If women like her exits then why do we assume that women are weak, they cannot take up their life on their own!! I find the statement so very untrue, after I actually went though many such successful stories of women who have to struggle all alone without anything at the back to help. One of those stories that I had the opportunity to go through was that of “J.K Rowling”.

Once she was found quoting that, “By every usual standard, I was the biggest failure I knew”. It’s astonishing and at the same time perplexing for all of us to hear such words from such a successful who is the author of harry Potter which has been converted into 73 languages person but that is true. This lady had the courage to transform every adverse situation in her life into a positive one. Millions of the copies of her book have already been sold and it has also through its movie adaptation and sponsorship accrued over $20 billion.

But even after such a gigantic success, why did she admit being failure!! Because it was not an easy task to obtain the success that she is living with, today. It had taken years of perseverance and hard work to take the taste of this success.

The Story of this Exemplary Lady

When she started with the idea of writing the book Harry Potter, she got a big shock by the sudden death of her mother. And, that was the time; she had to take break from writing her dream book. She was completely devastated by this sudden death of her mother and she could not continue with her work.

In order to get out of this tragedy in her life, she had to take up the job of an English teacher in Portugal for around a year. She went from her place to get away from the grief she had been facing because of the death of her mother. Later on living in Portugal she decided to complete her first Harry Potter book. But unfortunately the way she had planned, things did not work accordingly.

The story of her grief did not end here, at the same period of time when she could not complete her book, her marriage broke off and she had on her shoulders the responsibility to raise her daughter all alone. She had nothing, no job, nothing to eat, no source of income, but still she felt motivated to work on her book while her daughter was asleep.

But, the beauty of a woman is in the fact that he has all the power to sustain every bad situation and have enough of love for her love. Even in such bad circumstances she never left writing and that made her the winner. She found happiness even in having nothing!! Even when she was done with her first book she had to face a great many of rejections from various publishers. But she never was over with her hopes and kept on doing her work with love.

Her story is an inspiring one and it proves that a woman is compassionate she loves to make people around her happy and that makes her happy. But that does not mean that she is powerless to overcome her fears. The story of J.K Rowling is an inspiring one for all those women who are struggling to get a position in the society and stand for their love like she kept on pursuing writing even in the worst situation.

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