Gender Pay Gap: How it can Create Havoc to the Society?

And, I don’t ever understood the ambiguity that lies beneath the huge “gender pay gap”!! Why the women are offered less for the same work than that of the men? Why is that huge gap? This idea is of making women feel inferior is going to eat up their talent one day for sure.

I feel, they should be paid even more that what men are paid because then she has that extraordinary courage to say yes, what if I have to manage home and the kids, I will do my best to manage my work give the best output to my organization. Half of it should go to her courage, for her inner strength to take everything with velour.

In most of the jobs and around the world, women are paid less than a male counterpart for the same job. Be it in a small organization or a bigger one, there exists this really disturbing gender gap! Let’s take an example of the executives that are inducted into the G7 organization, only a fifth of the total executives are female and that makes us to contemplate. And, to our much surprise, even the film industry is plagued with this really disturbing. Often, female actresses have been heard complaining about the penny they are offered for the same job and the same hard work that their male counterpart do.

There are certain areas like teaching, nursing, health care experts, which is occupied most by females. And, this is because these are the areas which offer the least payment for their employees. This trend is seen is most countries! Most of these occupations which are dominated by women are of low standard and have the lowest pay ever. Be is the teacher, nurses or cleaners or any female dominated jobs all of them earn less than many jobs of the similar nature.

And, the consequences that it comes with are grisly; women end up with least self confidence, making women feel worthless. All these negativities at the end affect their family life too with calling off their marriage, going for divorce and ending up being poor. While it is the obligation of the society to help them grow and discover their worth, it makes them feel feeble and unwanted.

Why can’t we understand one thing that, if a woman gets that opportunity to be what she wants to be, she can have more strength to build up a great family and so a great society. She can teach the family to live and let live others with freedom, the freedom that is the birth right of all of us. And, this can change the world entirely. The unfathomable power of women, the society often fails to recognize and that is the reason the condition is worsening day by day. Whatever a child learns during the initial days of its bringing that gets accumulated in her mind and he/she makes all that a way of life. And, it is the mother who has the responsibility to help the child in his/her initial stage of life.

So, empowering women is like empowering the society and bringing more power, prowess and strength with the balanced mix of positivity. “Gender pay gap” is also an issue that needed to be looked upon if we want a really mature and mindful society.

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