Educating women, Educating the World!!

What comes to your mind, when I say women education? Is it the education that is associated with curriculum, the one which we get in school and colleges? You are right indeed!! But to add on to it, we must also know that, education does not necessarily mean getting acquainted with the knowledge that we get from the books we are provided with. It’s a symbol of making oneself independent; independent in our thoughts, our idea, and independent to take your own decisions. If somebody claims that he/she is in favour of sending girls to educational institutions and he will never advocate the idea of women going out all alone independently and doing what her heart says, than to be very frank that person is not less guilty than the one who is against sending girls to schools and colleges.

Educations mean an overall development!! We must embark on a journey to an all round development of women. It has to be both in the area of literary and non-literary education 2which include everything from, healthcare to the profession to technical education to vocational education and many more. It has to be concerned with improving skills and knowledge of women in every field so that, she no more has to depend on others for her work to get accomplished; not in any respect.


Now, primary education has been listed under the fundamental right and the day women of the world get educated on their fundamental right to primary education, nothing can stop the society at large to grow and flourish at an extraordinary pace. Probably, the world is waking up from the deep sleep it has been in for last many years and many Government and Non-Government organizations are taking pain to spread awareness on women education. If the change keeps on taking shape in a positive direction the way it is doping now, the real change for the good of the society will soon be manifested. Here’s how educating women can incredulously change the face of the society:


It’s quite true that women who are uneducated are more vulnerable to human trafficking and they get trapped more easily as per a data released by An Inter-Agency project of United Nations on human trafficking. Women education can significantly contribute to reducing the $32 billion human trafficking industry. And that will in turn significantly contribute to making the world a beautiful place for all us to live together.


Educating women also enables them to be financially independent and to independently take up her expenses on her own. In that way she does not have to live under the burden of taking anyone’s favours. A study by UNESCO has revealed that one year of increase in the primary education results in enhancing the wage of a girl by 20%.


It is of paramount importance to educate women so as to fight the long lying problem of poverty. With education women become able to earn and contribute to their family’s expenses and so to the society. No much economic and social change can occur without educating women. If women get educated she can educate the whole family and thus make them able to contribute to the society.

Though, till the mid of the nineteenth century, parents only took interest in educating girls in the household work but with changing time, the change in the thinking has tremendously got effected and parents have become more aware of educating their children irrespective of the gender. Women education should be related to making them aware of taking care of their social, civil, economic and political rights. This will in turn improve the condition of women in society.

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