Celebrate The Spirits of Patriotism this Women’s Day!

Whether they have to take tough decisions at every walk of life or to show their incredible commitment towards nation, Indian Women have proven this with their positive powers and immense dedication. The Daughters of this Incredible Nation has proved that every now and then; that they capable of doing everything that comes by and can achieve any level with their sheer dedication and skill. Women’s Day celebration is all about celebrating these invincible daughters who made our country proud.

Women have achieved success in every walk of life, irrespective of the conditions or sacrifices they have gone through. Our world has never been equivalent to women’s, in spite of that they succeeded because of their catastrophes, skill, sacrifices and physical & mental labor. Women Day Celebration thereby must be celebrated like a festival to show our immense respect towards these incredible champions. On the sacred soil of this great country many women have always contributed to great extent. They made our proud country and they are the greatest women in the history of our country.

The Voice of India Lata Mangeshkar:
Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar, what else one can say about this divine woman. She is the National Voice of our country like we have National Anthem, National Flower and so on. She is the most recorded artist in the history with approximately about 24,000 songs either it be duet, solo or chorus. She has contributed to with her phenomenal voice and singing skills and made India proud everywhere.

20th Century States Woman Indira Gandhi:
Indira Priyradarshini Gandhi, the greatest woman in the history of politics in India and across the world. She the one who shaped our country and shown the positive path on which we can become super power. She is a dreamer and wanted India to become a super power, her greatest victory is considered to the war of 1971 against Pakistan.

An Inspiration Kalpana Chawla:
There are only countable personalities in the world that inspired people of all the age groups irrespective of the origin they belongs. The substantial lady of Indian Origin who became the second Indian that landed on the surface of moon. She inspired millions and will remain an inspiration forever.

The Martyr Rani Lakshmi Bai:
Manikarnika popularly known as Rani Lakshmi Bai lead the Indian troops against mighty Britishers. She fought the battle of Jhansi till her last breath. She was the first lady who fought against any European Colonial power and become first lady martyr of India.

Women are miraculous as they have achieved immense success in spite of being targeted and demolished at every walk of life. This Women’s Day unite as one and celebrate the spirits of patriotism of these incredible women.

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