Top 10 Inspiring Bollywood Movies you must watch

The World is evolving, more of us are helping woman to fight for themselves and their dreams. And, in fact these little acts will add on to a bigger one day. All we need to do is to keep moving forward with the same state of mind.

One such small step also comes from the world of art and cinema. Movies have indeed a great impact on the state of our mind. There are times, when we actually start feeling the passion and zeal to do something just looking at the unreal characters standing in front of our eyes and we get so much so inspired that we feel an inner zest for doing something that we have just seen.

Many of women-centric movies have been made in the past both in the Hollywood and Bollywood that has inspired masses. We must keep a list of inspiring women-centric movies prepared that can touch the chords of our hearts and inspire us for doing what is real, what is necessary and what is important for a coherent living.

Here is a filtered and précis list of women-centric inspiring movies that one must watch in their lifetime….

1. Queen – Kangana Ranaut

This one is a piece of inspiration for the women who are believed to think that, without men they can have no life at all. Kangana has beautifully conveyed the message that love is not just about being in a cage and following somebody else’s path. The movie teaches that one should walk on his/her own path and savour the beauty of life no matter what.

2. English Vinglish – Sridevi

Sridevi had portrayed the character so finely that you will fall in love with it. A middle aged woman decides to fight for the ridicules made to her self-confidence and her way of being under the protected layer of her family. The lesson is deep rooted and ones understood will make you realize the about the sacrifices a woman make in improving the life of people around.

3. Aitraz – Kareena Kapoor

The story is about a woman who skilfully and gently helps her husband fight all the bottlenecks in his life. The power of her conviction and faith, gives her husband all the courage to fight for her innocence. This is a worth watching piece of art that portrays the velour of a woman.

4. Swades – Gayatri Joshi (Gita)

The beautiful character of a school teacher in a small village, portrayed by Gayatri Joshi is so inspiring that it will compel you on thinking about the issue that she had tried to emphasize on, all through the movie. Everyone should at least watch this movie to learn about the power of woman.

6. Arth – Shabana Azmi

This is the story of a woman and how she dares to take it as a challenge and makes an identity for herself. Her director husband dumps her for another woman but she does not get disheartened and makes a brighter path for herself. You will get to learn a lot from this movie and clear all the prejudices about the power of a woman.

7. Kahaani – Vidya Balan

You can see the immense invincible power of a woman that cannot be subjugated in any case. Irrespective of the fact that she is pregnant, she goes on a mission to search for the murderer of her husband. You will definitely be inspired for the courage that the lady in the movie portrayed by Vidya Balan, has shown throughout her journey.

8. Angry Indian Goddesses – The whole ensemble cast

This one is a story about a girl gang who meet up all together in Goa to celebrate the bachelorette of one of their friends. And, one should not miss on watching whatever happens in the aftermath of the party. So, if you want to watch the velour of woman, you must once watch this movie.

9. Highway Alia Bhatt

The character of Veera played by Alia Bhatt is something that has ably shown the ugly angle of the society. The girl, who is kidnapped, feels more comfort with her kidnapper than she used to feel at her home. This incidence of her life gathers her courage to speak against the abuse that she had faced during her childhood.

10. Nil Battey Sannata – Swara Bhaskar

This one is an extremely empowering story of a house help that Swara Bhaskar had played very beautifully, who in spite of all the financial and emotional stresses is determined to get her daughter educated. She crosses all the boundaries in her endeavour and finds out a way of making her daughter understand the importance of education.

These are some of the Bollywood movies that have filled the hearts of many out there with lot of zeal to something for helping woman to show up their real worth. Go and watch these movies and you will come to realise the real worth of a woman.

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J.K Rowling: Her Unfathomable courage to fight all Odds alone that came in her Way

If women like her exits then why do we assume that women are weak, they cannot take up their life on their own!! I find the statement so very untrue, after I actually went though many such successful stories of women who have to struggle all alone without anything at the back to help. One of those stories that I had the opportunity to go through was that of “J.K Rowling”.

Once she was found quoting that, “By every usual standard, I was the biggest failure I knew”. It’s astonishing and at the same time perplexing for all of us to hear such words from such a successful who is the author of harry Potter which has been converted into 73 languages person but that is true. This lady had the courage to transform every adverse situation in her life into a positive one. Millions of the copies of her book have already been sold and it has also through its movie adaptation and sponsorship accrued over $20 billion.

But even after such a gigantic success, why did she admit being failure!! Because it was not an easy task to obtain the success that she is living with, today. It had taken years of perseverance and hard work to take the taste of this success.

The Story of this Exemplary Lady

When she started with the idea of writing the book Harry Potter, she got a big shock by the sudden death of her mother. And, that was the time; she had to take break from writing her dream book. She was completely devastated by this sudden death of her mother and she could not continue with her work.

In order to get out of this tragedy in her life, she had to take up the job of an English teacher in Portugal for around a year. She went from her place to get away from the grief she had been facing because of the death of her mother. Later on living in Portugal she decided to complete her first Harry Potter book. But unfortunately the way she had planned, things did not work accordingly.

The story of her grief did not end here, at the same period of time when she could not complete her book, her marriage broke off and she had on her shoulders the responsibility to raise her daughter all alone. She had nothing, no job, nothing to eat, no source of income, but still she felt motivated to work on her book while her daughter was asleep.

But, the beauty of a woman is in the fact that he has all the power to sustain every bad situation and have enough of love for her love. Even in such bad circumstances she never left writing and that made her the winner. She found happiness even in having nothing!! Even when she was done with her first book she had to face a great many of rejections from various publishers. But she never was over with her hopes and kept on doing her work with love.

Her story is an inspiring one and it proves that a woman is compassionate she loves to make people around her happy and that makes her happy. But that does not mean that she is powerless to overcome her fears. The story of J.K Rowling is an inspiring one for all those women who are struggling to get a position in the society and stand for their love like she kept on pursuing writing even in the worst situation.

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The Strength in Being a Housewife

Empowerment is not about forcing women to step out and work but the real empowerment is about respecting their way of life. If a woman wants to sit at home and then look after the children and the home she should be respected for all that she does. It is the time for us all to understand the fact that no matter a housewife does not get a salary at hand for everything that she does the amount of hard work and the great chunk of time that it involves is more than any other job.

If one does a job, it’s just that the person has to work in a single filed but think about a housewife who has to be skilled enough to handle everything from being a psychologist to a housekeeper to a cook to a day care teacher to a chief executive officer to many more. And, that too she does not get anything from this. Let’s talk about some of the roles that she plays at home and that gets unrecognized for that matter…..

1. House keeper

And, if she would have been working as a housekeeper in some organization she must have been getting a salary of about 3000-4000 per month. But a woman who works all day long even on Sundays and she never gets paid for it anything. However she gets bullied at a number of occasions for what she does all day long. Her housekeeping activities include a number of tasks from housecleaning to cleaning and laundering.

2. Personalized Cook

Personalized cooking for as many as 3-4 people may be charged from standardized rates around 6000-7000 Rs. A housewife cooks whatever she is ordered from any of the members of the family and then most of the times she is not g9iven due respect for it. Folks we really need to be careful about that!!

3. Day Care Teacher

Thinking of hiring a day care teacher or a tutor for your children to look after their studies and work for their school projects, gives you the blues of spending around Rs 6000 to Rs 7000. But we all should be thankful to all those ladies who happily stay at home to make our lives stress free. But we often don’t value that!!

4. Computer Operator

And, if you will think of hiring a computer operator for helping you with all your household works related to computers, you may have to spend as much as 5 K to 6 K. But a woman’s acquiescence to love leads her to do it for you 24*7 all through the day. Why do we forget praising them for all that? It’s high time; we need to learn to respect this relic of power and strength.

5. Laundry Operator

Think!! How much you will need to pay if you have a laundry staff at home!! May be you will have to pay around 3k to 4 k or more for doing up laundry for whole of the family. But gratitude is all for the woman at home who saves that part of your money by doing it on her own. She deserves to be respected!!

6. Driver

A homemaker proudly takes time to drive her children to the school and she also drives at a number of occasions for taking care of various household obligations. And, what do we do to her for all the energy and time that she pours in for the same. Had she not been there you may have to pay for the same and hire a professional.

7. Janitor

A woman as a house maker makes everyone feel safe by getting up all night if she ever feels that any member of the family is not feeling safe. She makes sure that everyone is in deep slumber inside their cozy blankets. And, you don’t feel the need for a Janitor at to make yourself feel safe!!

8. Accountant

The woman at home acts as the accountant of the house and she takes care of everything!! You do not have to worry about taking care of the budget and everything; she will manage it for you. Imagine the expanses you may had to bear had she not been there.

9. Nurse for kids and elderly

At times, when there is a need, a lady she will become a full time nurse for her children and elderly at home and she will bring that sleight of the hand in handling her work. From the beginning of the day to the end, she takes care of everything.

Seems, a woman who chooses to stay at home just to take care of the home and family is a real superwoman. If ever she would have worked it out professionally she must have been hired on a package of 45K. What a piece of creation of God a woman is who does it all for no financial gain but just as a gesture of her love and affection. Here, at, you can read a lot about the power of women and what she has contributed to the society.

The story of women who dared to take up Unusual in the Patriarchal Society

Can you ever imagine that you are trying to find out an auto Rickshaw and a woman driver appears? Not, often and not actually!! There are certain fields that women cannot usually think of entering, some of which are electrician, passenger bus, criminal detective and there are many such particularly in the Indian society. But thanks to the courage of some of the women who have dared to change the direction of the wind and smashed against all such long living practices.

Although, women are daring to get rid of all such taboos which stop them from showing their actual talent, but still, there exist in the society a number of the fields which are still male dominated. But thankfully, those women who have dared to break the monotony and the underlying stereotype have given courage for many generations to come.

Here is a precise list of the unusual fields for women in which they have unconventionally broken all the boundaries and have come up strong giving hope to an inclusive growth of the society….

1. Biker

We have most seen men flaunting their styles in which they ride their bike and the women sitting at the back cheering him up. Most women are comfortable with the arrangement there are a few of them who thought of breaking the stereotype.

“Bikerani group” is a group that encourages female bikers which also works to encourage more women from different parts of the country to learn biking and show the world that nothing is for “men” or “women”.

2. Sports Media

Although, there are lot of women working in the field of media but the sports media is generally not considered as a cup of tea for the women. A sport has always been considered as a man thing and that a woman cannot dare to do something great in the field. Women area always considered to cover the lifestyle section!

But gradually the trend is changing and more and more women are coming out to show interest in the field with good knowledge of sports. One of those women is Mayanti Langer who has entered the field with all the courage and perseverance. She is a sports journalist with ESPN and she has shown a great interest in football. She also had covered FIFA world cup 2010 for her channel, 2011 cricket world cup and commonwealth games in 2010.

3. Disco Jockey

This field is an unconventional one for women and has been looked upon as part of the men fraternity. No one could ever imagine a woman a woman Disco jockey. But the world is growing and women are getting courage for doing what they like.

DJ Arlene Gomez is the first female DJ of Bangalore and she started her career at the age of 18 out of here passion. And, this has really proved to be an exceptionally daring approach for living life the way you want. She is now, India’s one of the most well known female jockeys and she had performed in many parts of the worlds breaking all the boundaries.

4. Bus driver

And, it’s hard for all of us to even imagine a female bus driver, driving you to the next corner of the city. Because women are considered not that intelligent and strong to drive a bus! The transports industry too is a male dominated industry and if you can hear a woman driving a bus that can be considered as the symbol of the world going on the path of success.

Prema Ramappa Nadapatti is one such iron lady who dares to take up the career and break the stereotype. Off course that way she is doing well for herself but she is also doing well for the society by giving woman to take up the career without any fear. In Bangalore, she is the only BMTC bus driver. She took up the career when her husband passed away so as to support her family. For here daring step to choose the career of a bus driver she often is referred to as “Daredevil”.

5. Private Detective

Often in our society, parents worry, if the girl steps out of the home at night because it’s not that safe for them. There are number problems they can get stranded into!! And, with this kind of society setup and such mentality of women it’s hard to imagine a woman detective. The job needs one to spend a great chunk of the time spending out at night.

But, Rajni Pandit has broken the stereotype and has become Maharashtra’s first private detective. It was during her college time that she resolved her first case and gradually with the support of her family she became a private detective. She had also started her detective centre in 1991 named Rajni Pandit Detective Services. Till now in her career she had solved around 20 cases and had worked with around 30 detectives.

8 Inspiring Women who have made their Footprints with their Work

Women have immense power to fight the storm and come over it as successful and they have proved it at various intervals of times. India is a land where women have always been seen as the weakest beings of the society and they have always considered as the secondary be it the home or the workplace, but still there have been women in various fields who have come out as winners.

Here we are going to mention some of the inspiring women in India who have broken all the bondages and prejudices to come out successful.

1. Bhakti Sharma

Bhakti Sharma is the youngest women in the World and the first Asian woman who has made a record swimming in the cold waters of the Antarctic. She has swum 2.3 km in 41.14 minutes in water with a temperature of about 1 degree celcius.

2. Puja Thakur

Puja Thakur is an inspiration for all those women who are struggling to be the best at whatever they love. She was the first women who led the Inter-Service Guard of honour which the US Barack Obama inspected. She had been found quoting that she joined the Air Force because she wanted this life for her.

3. Arunima Sinha

This woman had the unfathomable power to come over it all!! Though Arunima Sinha is not much known by the sports lovers, she is the first women who survived to fight back her physical drawbacks and made her dream a true story by climbing the Mt.Everest. Astonishingly she has lost her legs in an accident. And, why do we say that women are weak?

4. Harshini Kanhekar

She is the women who has crossed all the barriers of this masculine society and has been given the title of female fire fighters ten years back. She has become an example for all the women and given them courage to accomplish what may have been impossible for the society.

5. Vidya Balan

Vidya balan is an Indian actress who is a sociology graduate and astonishingly changed the perception related to acting. She has proved that we need just the dedication, hard work, perseverance and nothing else matters, not the weight, not the gender. She has also got the Padma Shri awrd in the year 2014 for her excellent work in the film industry.

6. Mary Kom

What an iron lady she is!! Mary Kom, she made sure that her family life and the fact that she is mother does not come in the way of her becoming a successful boxer. In spite of women being called weak physically, she has become five times winner of the boxing championship. This is enough to prove that women have immense mental strength that they can convert into physical strength too if needed.

7. Rashmi Bansal

Rashmi Bansal is a well established writer and a youth expert and she has till now published a total of five books that includes the very famous book “stay hungry, stay foolish”. The books she had written had received critical acclaims and have also been converted into many languages.

8. Saina Nehwal

It’s astonishing that she is only 24 years old and had gained popularity around the world. India should be proud that she is the daughter of the country. She is the first woman from India who has won a medal in badminton at the Olympics. And, there are several other titles into her kitty in such a small age.

These are some of the daring women of India who will keep inspiring the generations and showcasing the testimony that women are not weak, it’s just that they are not being given the opportunity to stand for what they believe and what they love. It’s the time that we understand the worth of women and help to come at the forefront.

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Top 6 Qualities women that can contribute to the development of any nation

Women are actually the pillar of the society who fills the world with colours, love and compassion. Life looks so dull and lifeless if we imagine it without women. There are uncountable qualities of women that are rarely found in any living creature on this earth. Even the men who boast of being the boss, both at the workplace and the home cannot testify to possess these qualities. Women are actually the pillar of the society who fills the world with colours, love and compassion. Life looks so dull and lifeless if we imagine it without women. There are uncountable qualities of women that are rarely found in any living creature on this earth. Even the men who boast of being the boss, both at the workplace and the home cannot testify to possess these qualities.

Be it the home or the workplace we can make the great use of these qualities that will contribute greatly to the development of the nation. From time immemorial women have been suppressed and have not been given the opportunity to showcase their real worth. Here we are going to discuss some of the astonishing qualities of women that make such a positive difference in the society. Here it goes……

1. They are more patient

At every stage of life weather its home or the workplace there are times in a human’s life when things do not work as planned and we feel like quitting. But Unlike men, women are more patient and they can endure every other situation that are against and wait patiently for the results. If women are given an opportunity to use this skill they can contribute to a large extent for the betterment of the society. Woman like J.K Rowling and Phogat Sisters have truly proved this fact.

2. Women are more powerful from inside

Nevertheless women are not that good with the physical strength but they are really good when it comes to the inner strength that is very important at every stage of life. Men easily feel devastated and with no clue of the future when they have to face a situation which is not in their favour. And, that is why God has created a woman by the side of every man so as to guide them.

3. They can be great managers

It is the woman who manages the home with so much love and so much dedication without affecting anything else. The home looks in such a bad condition if the woman of the house is not there to look after the household. If she can manage the home so beautifully, why she can’t be given the chance to manage other things at the workplace?

4. Women can analyse things quite meticulously

God has given women the power to analyse things meticulously and understand each and every aspect very carefully. We need to together come forward and give them the chance to speak up their minds and the change would be seen all around without any doubt. There have been women in the past like kalpana Chawala who are testimony to the fact.

5. A woman will never give up easily

It’s amazing that a woman is considered the weakest and seen with a disrespectful eyes from time immemorial but she is the one who has the attitude of never giving up and holding on to her way of life as long as she lives. Men often get agitated and feel like giving up but it is a woman who will never say no to her idea of life.

6. They are more compassionate

Love and compassion are the words that can move the heaviest of the rock all on its own. No matter what, nothing can take the place of compassion!! There have been women like mother Terasa and Sushmita Sen who have with the power of their love and compassion have shown to the world that happiness is in making others happy without any selfish motive. And, having applied this quality in the area of their work they can produce great results.

So these are some of the qualities that differentiate men from women and can create great result if women are given chance to participate in the affairs of the world. They are not the weakest but the strongest being on this earth. If she has the power to give birth and take good care of her family and the child then she also has the power to stand tall as the administrator of the country sing the song of the development of the nation without fearing for anything.

Give her the power she will give you the strength!!

The Future of the World with a positive approach Towards Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment is in itself an empowering issue and it is equally a vast one!! Unless and until we can see an equal number of men and women everywhere and in every field it is not going to be a world speeding its growth with empowered women.

It’s not just the words that are testimony that women are the foundations of the society if men are the pillars, but there are uncountable deeds of women that make the statement a truth.

It is very tough to identify any single reason why empowerment would contribute single handily to the development of the world. Here we have a jotted down a few of those advantages that future will see with the increasing awareness in the field of Women empowerment. Here we go…

1. Children would be more aware and sensible towards choosing a better life

No matter what, it is only the mother from whom children learn their first lesson. And, so a mother would be confident, learned, educated she would be in the better position to teach her children the sense of living sensibly in the society. Therefore, children will learn the better ways of life both at the workplace and at home.

2. There would more hands to work on issues that the World is grappling with

Only a small chunk of total women population of the world will actually be working while most of them stay at home and look after the family which should be infant the job of both the male and the female. Imagine the egalitarian society where both male and female work hand in hand to tackle various issues the world is grappling with.

3. There would be better minds to look after the management

It is a proven fact that women are managers than men!! If they can manage their homes so beautifully then why can’t they be great managers at the workplace. Given they are in any type of work, women can manage it all very well. There are women in the present scenario in various fields, like Priyanka Chopra, Arundhati Roy, Sushma Swaraj and various others who are proving the fact very well.

4. There would not be any kind of Discrimination

If the women are empowered enough to fight for the equal right that they are fundamentally entitled to, then there won’t be a need to fight for the equality of women. The right to Equality will be Preserved and better implemented and the society will get better and empowered minds to work for the betterment of the world.

5. We will get to have a more Civilised Society

A civilised society is the pillar to the growth of any nation!! And, with the empowerment of women, we can have better chances for the growth of a civilised society. This will in turn help the world with a coherent and flourishing society. Be it any field, women will get an opportunity to participate and contribute towards the development of the world.

So, these are only a few of the future implications of women empowerment that will genuinely help in the growth of the world. Women empowerment should be the key issue of every country because it is indubitably a very important topic. Though, in the last few decades the world has fought many of the atrocities implicated upon wont to empower them, we still have to go a miles to achieving a better and civilized world with more and more women coming at the forefront.

Civil Services day, 21st April: Highlighting the incredible Achievements of Women Officers

The month of April with a date dedicated to civil services compels people to think about the contribution the civil servants make to the society. And, when talking about those atrocious women who dare to fight against the gigantic perennial gender inequality, we cannot forget to mention some names. It is an accepted notion that the bureaucratic system is not a woman’s cup of tea and only the male have the intelligence enough to set them up into the arena. But, the unfathomable courage to fight against whatever is not justifiable has proved that her excellence is incomparable.

There have been some exemplary women out there who have fought gender inequality with a dream to conquer their dream.

In various cases you may have felt being trapped into the ill practices of some corrupt civil servants. These officers work passively and become a part of the corrupt system which they are supposed to fight but the fact that none of them are women makes us to celebrate womanhood. Moreover, there are many of the women officers who have broken this trap of being trapped into the trap of corrupt politicians. The tribulation of women officers trying to work honestly doing justice to her job in the patriarchal kind of the bureaucratic set up, has been unbearably frustrating. But, she has been able to do justice to the justice she was fighting for.

Here we have compiled a list of women officers in the bureaucratic set up to throw light on their courage to take up the task:

1. Rajni Shekri Sibal:-

This courageous IAS officer of the Haryana cadre has played a key role in exposing those involved in the JBT scam which was related to junior basic training for teachers.  This exposure had resulted in convicting 55 persons, which included some high profile people including the CM of Haryana, Om Prakash Chautala and also his son Ajay Chautala. She did not come under the political pressure to change the result of her investigation which led to her transfer. In order that, the results did not get tempered by some unwanted elements, she wrapped the almirah containing the results, with bandages and a 4 metre long cloth. And the keys of the almirah were sealed in an envelope. Her courageous approach busted the group behind the scam.

2. Sanjukta Parshar:-

She was an outspoken and blunt police officer who was a fear for all the Bodo militants. While she was serving her tenure in North East India in the Sonitpur district as the Superintendent of Police, she arrested around 64 militant, took down 16 and also seized a large amount of arms and ammunitions. She chose the police force, even thought she has got 85th rank in All India ranking in UPSC.

3. Durga Shakti Nagpal:-

She was selected from the civil services exam after securing 20th rank in the Punjab cadre. In her very first project while she was working as a trainee IAS officer, she fought with the land scam of Mohali.  Consequently, she gained national attention for exposing the sand mafia. Besides that, she formed an investigation team in order to go to the roots of illegal sand mining on the Hindon and Yamuna river banks.

4. Mugdha Sinha:-

She was the IAS officer of the Rajasthan cadre, 1999 batch. Under her tenure she launched a crackdown in Ajmer district related to the illegal mining. It led to her transfer within four months of her being inducted into the team. But her determination to work for the good of the common man did not end there. Many, student, farmers and traders came out in her support. Currently, she is serving as the collector of Jhunjhunu distrt.

5. Ira Singhal:-

Not only, being a woman, is a point to celebrate in case of Ira Singhal. There are other reasons too! She is one of a differently abled woman who in 2014 topped the Civil Services Exams and she fought a long battle to get to the place where she is today. She is suffering from a medical condition called Scoliosis in which there is a deviation in the spine. She was rejected initially for her physical condition and could only get what she deserves after she won the case; she had filed in the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT). But that took 4 long years.

Educating women, Educating the World!!

What comes to your mind, when I say women education? Is it the education that is associated with curriculum, the one which we get in school and colleges? You are right indeed!! But to add on to it, we must also know that, education does not necessarily mean getting acquainted with the knowledge that we get from the books we are provided with. It’s a symbol of making oneself independent; independent in our thoughts, our idea, and independent to take your own decisions. If somebody claims that he/she is in favour of sending girls to educational institutions and he will never advocate the idea of women going out all alone independently and doing what her heart says, than to be very frank that person is not less guilty than the one who is against sending girls to schools and colleges.

Educations mean an overall development!! We must embark on a journey to an all round development of women. It has to be both in the area of literary and non-literary education 2which include everything from, healthcare to the profession to technical education to vocational education and many more. It has to be concerned with improving skills and knowledge of women in every field so that, she no more has to depend on others for her work to get accomplished; not in any respect.


Now, primary education has been listed under the fundamental right and the day women of the world get educated on their fundamental right to primary education, nothing can stop the society at large to grow and flourish at an extraordinary pace. Probably, the world is waking up from the deep sleep it has been in for last many years and many Government and Non-Government organizations are taking pain to spread awareness on women education. If the change keeps on taking shape in a positive direction the way it is doping now, the real change for the good of the society will soon be manifested. Here’s how educating women can incredulously change the face of the society:


It’s quite true that women who are uneducated are more vulnerable to human trafficking and they get trapped more easily as per a data released by An Inter-Agency project of United Nations on human trafficking. Women education can significantly contribute to reducing the $32 billion human trafficking industry. And that will in turn significantly contribute to making the world a beautiful place for all us to live together.


Educating women also enables them to be financially independent and to independently take up her expenses on her own. In that way she does not have to live under the burden of taking anyone’s favours. A study by UNESCO has revealed that one year of increase in the primary education results in enhancing the wage of a girl by 20%.


It is of paramount importance to educate women so as to fight the long lying problem of poverty. With education women become able to earn and contribute to their family’s expenses and so to the society. No much economic and social change can occur without educating women. If women get educated she can educate the whole family and thus make them able to contribute to the society.

Though, till the mid of the nineteenth century, parents only took interest in educating girls in the household work but with changing time, the change in the thinking has tremendously got effected and parents have become more aware of educating their children irrespective of the gender. Women education should be related to making them aware of taking care of their social, civil, economic and political rights. This will in turn improve the condition of women in society.

Story of the Phogat Sisters: The Courage that Encouraged Woman!!

An inspiration for many out there!! The story of the Phogat sisters, who have, with their velour proved to the world that nothing can diminish your potential, a woman, who,  in general believed to have feeble physical stature can even fight into the wrestling ring and can win against the male. One thing the story of this great family who took all the shit of the people to encourage women to be a part of something like wrestling which is generally not considered a women’s cup of tea is that, it is we, the society as a whole who can instill a sense of faith in their minds and make them achieve what they would not have ever imagined. In case of Geeta Phogat or the Phogat sisters, their parents or their father mahavir Singh Phogat who, without listening to people’s discourse of keeping their daughters go with the long standing rule of women looking after the affairs of the family and kitchen. He gave us all an inspiration to help women by being bullish to the potential of women and show up their real potential.


In a place like Haryana in India, girls hardly think of competing with men in the wrestling ring. Their parents have the biggest dream of getting their daughters married as soon as possible and get free from the responsibility. Nevertheless, as said, exceptions always exit who transform the face of the society with their velour. One such example is the story of the Phogat sisters who have proved that there is nothing like hardship and bad luck, if you are disciplined and are following your dreams honestly. Phogat sisters hail from Haryana, India and all six sisters Geeta, Babita, Priyanka, Ritu, Vineshhave and sangita excelled in wrestling. Vinesh and Priyanka are the daughters of Mahavir Singh Phogat’s brother who died in a family feud, after which Mahavir Singh Phogat took care of them. Geeta, Babita, Ritu, Vineshhave are the daughters of Mahavir Singh himself. It was he, who realised that, wrestling is there blood, doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl, he will train them and take up his dream of winning a Gold medal for India which he could not win because of the circumstance.

Their success has particularly drawn attention from across the country, for Haryana being such a place where the social issues like gender inequality, female foeticide and child marriage is prevalent. Whereas, three sisters, Geeta, Babita and Vinesh are Gold medallist of the commonwealth games in different weight categories, Priyanka, Ritu and Sangita have won silver medal at the Asian Championships, gold medallist at National Championships and age-level international championships respectively.


Mahavir, who belong to Balali village in Bhiwani district, adroitly took up all the abhorrent comments of the villagers, showing up belief in his daughters and thus believing in his dreams. He enamoured serendipity for the village to their daughters to him, to his family by sticking to what he believed in!  With a pervasive belief in the power of women, he showed that, women are not only competent enough to work towards their own dreams but they can become “harbinger of hope”, for fulfilling the dreams of many out there.

He got inspiration, to get his daughters involved in sports like wrestling, when in 2000, Karnam Malleswari from India, won the first Olympic medal in wrestling. His inspiration come from, the idea of his own coach, Chandgi Ram, who even in worst circumstances made his daughter to learn wrestling. Though, at times his wife, Daya Shobha Kaur would be worried for his daughters, and about their marriage, that who will marry her Pehelwan daughters. But that thought was not enough to wobble his faith. He did not even care, about people, that by bringing his daughters into wrestling, he is making the village become a sham for the country.